Free Fertility Seminar Re-cap: September 10th with Dr. Pei-Li Huang

Each month, Fertility Solutions hosts free fertility seminar in order to provide an opportunity for current and prospective patients to ask any questions they may have about fertility testing, diagnosis and treatment. Our most recently fertility seminar was hosted by Dr. Huang and we’ve provided a review of some of the questions and topics that were discussed.

Topic: Same sex couples – Sperm donors and what does insurance cover? 

Answer: In the state of Massachusetts, infertility diagnosis for same sex couples is the same for heterosexual couples.  If the woman who would like to conceive is under 35, the state insurance mandates that the couple must be trying to get pregnant for at least one year, and for those over 35 years of age, the couple must try for six months.

In a same sex marriage, there must be documentation that the couple has introduced sperm for the period of time to obtain fertility coverage.  The process for documentation comes in the form of sperm vial purchases and the medical practice performing an IUI.  We at Fertility Solutions welcome the LGBT community and have many sperm donor agency, egg donor agency and gestational carrier relationships to help guide you on your journey to becoming a parent.

Topic: Fertility Preservation – I am interested in having a baby in the future. I am in my late twenties and currently focused on my career, what do you recommend? 

Answer: Fertility Preservation, or egg freezing, is the process of retrieving eggs for future use via vitrification.  Fertility preservation is an option for many types of patients, including those who would like to have babies in the future but are currently without a partner, those who are concerned that age may affect their ability to conceive in the future, patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, and patients who have concerns about premature ovarian cancer.

Each patient is a unique situation, and we would like to discuss your future goals together to define if fertility preservation is the best answer at this time.  Tests that would be taken prior to fertility preservation would include ultrasound, ovarian reserve, etc.

Fertility Solutions would like to thank those who came out to our September 10th seminar – your questions were insightful and helped start a truly great discussion. We invite you to join us at our next free fertility seminar on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 in our Providence, RI location. Dr. Moragianni and Catlin Roache, a clinical psychologist will host the event. They will discuss the role of stress on a couple during an infertility diagnosis. Please RSVP for the seminar, we look forward to seeing you there.

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Fertility Solutions Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Fertility Solutions recently completed our bi-annual patient satisfaction survey and we are excited to share the results.  We are proud to announce that our surveys scores have increased in every category since our last patient satisfaction survey back in November (2013).

The scores range from “1” as the lowest to “5” as the highest positive response.

The survey category summary is as follows:

  • The patients initial impression of Fertility Solutions – 4.61
  • Impression of Physicians – 4.75
  • Impression of Medical Assistants – 4.82
  • Impression of IVF Nursing Staff – 4.81
  • OR/PACU Nursing – 4.87
  • OR/PACU Experience – 4.90
  • Financial Interactions – 4.30
  • Reviews on our Facilities – 4.82
  • Patients impression of confidentiality – 4.82
  • Fertility Solutions Overall – 4.8
  • The Fertility Solutions Website and Portal (combined) – 4.38

The following are some of the patient comments that were noted on the survey, they were asked what we could improve:

“Very friendly staff.”

“Everything was great – from the doctors, to nursing, to getting blood drawn, and the office staff is incredible. I could not be happier with the care I received.”

“The staff is amazing and very friendly.”

“Well run facility, top notch staff and physicians.”

“Very friendly positive outlook – make it impossible for us to lose hope! You guys are great!”

“All staff are friendly, accommodating, and prompt to explain all details of treatment and procedures thoroughly. Overall, I have had an amazing experience at Fertility Solutions and have recommended it to many friends and family.”

“Dr. Kowalik has been an exceptionnal doctor and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!”

“There is not one thing to pick due to being very pleased with everything, from the staff in office to the nurses on the phone that I have never met.”

“Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and caring. I also LOVE being able to see results on the patient portal.”

“Calls and emails were responded to very promptly.”

“Wonderful at treating me as a person. Compassionate front staff, Lisa is friendly and helpful.”

“All staff was fantastic! They definitely took the time to make me feel comfortable and explain the process step by step.”

“Appreciated the detailed explanation of all of the procedures, timeliness of the appointments was superb, and the dedicate physician interaction far exceeded our expectations.”

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Employee Recognition Series: Megan McGinn, Front Desk Coordinator

Megan McGinnMegan McGinn is our most recent addition to Fertility Solutions. Megan is the Front Desk Coordinator for our practice’s Dedham location.

Megan joins us after eight years in the medical field at a large ophthalmology practice on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  “I was very excited to begin the next phase of my career in an industry (fertility) that is evolving quickly and offers patients the opportunity to have the dream of building a family become a reality.  I love greeting each patient that comes through our door and hope to be able to help in anyway possible,” says Megan.

Megan has stated that she loves working at Fertility Solutions because of her deep respect for the practice’s patient philosophy – “The individual, personalized treatment of each patient is second to none”.

In her free time, Megan enjoys dancing.

“We are very lucky to have found such a bright and cheery person who jumped right into the front desk coordinator position with vigor.  Megan has shown a great affection towards the patients and always greets each patient by name.  Her desire and willingness fuel our mutual efforts and lead us to success” – Dr. Carol Anania

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Fertility Solutions’ Latest Patient Testimonial

We’re thrilled to share our latest patient testimonial which is a note sent from a patient to Dr. Anania:

“We had a wonderful experience with Fertility Solutions. We had our 2-month-old daughter through the help of this amazing facility which has made our dream come true. I got pregnant from a single IVF treatment and had no complications whatsoever with pregnancy or delivery. Our little girl was a full-term healthy baby, she was 7 pounds 9 ounces at birth and she’s growing beautifully. I find it hard to believe that she was only 7 cells the day we had the embryo transfer.

Dr. Anania is one the best doctors we have ever met. She would patiently explain every procedure and make us feel so comfortable talking to her. Ashley, the nurse receptionist at the Woburn office is very nice and efficient. She would do all the blood work in the morning. This office runs like a clock. The wait-time is literally less than 2 minutes. I would go there early mornings before going to work, have my blood drained (in and out in 5 minutes) and was never late to work.

All the nurses are very friendly, professional, and supportive. I had lot of questions when I was going through the IVF treatment. I would leave a message and they would reply within an hour.

They even sent us a cute little feeding spoon as a gift for our baby. They made us feel so special and as highly regarded patients. We would definitely consider seeing Dr. Anania again in case we decide to have a second child.

Infertility is stressful for most couples and going through fertility treatments can be even more frustrating, painful, and demanding. Choosing a facility like Fertility Solutions can help ease the difficult and long journey of infertility. They give you hope that treatment is possible, be with you all along, and help you relax – which is a big part of the treatment believe it or not! Wishing the best of luck to all couples in need of a little miracle in their lives.”  – G.K.

We invite you to read more Fertility Solutions patient testimonials

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Get To Know Your Fertility Specialist: Dr. Pei-Li Huang

Dr. HuangDr. Pei-Li Huang was kind enough to offer some of her time to answer a few questions about how her path led to working in the field of fertility, her work at Fertility Solutions, and how she spends her time outside of the center. Get to know Dr. Huang by reading her responses below:

Did you always know that you wanted to be a fertility doctor?

Yes, my first  clinical  rotation as a medical student was in obstetrics and gynecology at Boston City Hospital. Even though it was quite overwhelming to start off at such a busy place, I received such positive feedback from patients who were grateful to have a female provider. It really encouraged my thoughts toward-specializing in women’s health.

How did you find yourself working in the fertility field?

I have been extremely lucky to be inspired by some wonderful physician teachers and mentors who are passionate about clinical research. During my 4th year of medical school I went to Bethesda, Maryland to do a rotation at the National Institutes of Health in Endocrinology, which is the study of hormones. I was fascinated by all the rare disorders which were studied by researchers at the NIH that were conducting clinical trials. Later, during residency training at the Beth Israel Hospital one of my professors encouraged me to do a research project involving exercise- induced menstrual disorders.

Finally,  I realized my own life story may have contributed to the desire to help  women conceive. My mother had endometriosis and after giving birth to me, her only child, she had secondary infertility. At that time treatment options were limited. Now we have so much more to offer.

What about working in the fertility specialty appeals to you most? 

This specialty allows me to practice all aspects of medicine: surgery, psychology, clinical medicine and research.

What’s your favorite part about your daily work?

I enjoy interacting with patients during the ultrasound monitoring that we do at the various offices. I like being able to meet almost every patient in the practice.

What new technology or advances excites you the most?  

New cryopreservation techniques have increased the survival rate of frozen eggs and embryos, preserving a women’s options to extend her reproductive window.

And lastly, how do you spend your free time? 

Whenever I can I either read fiction or play the piano. I also take lessons and perform as an amateur chamber musician and solo pianist.

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Fertility Solutions 2013 IVF Success Rates

Fertility Solutions is proud to present our 2013 IVF Success Rates. Our yearly success rates are a tribute to our firm dedication toward helping those facing an infertility diagnosis build their family. We strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a child, and that is why we work to provide affordability fertility treatment and care for patients. In the tables below you will find Fertility Solutions’ 2013 Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rates and our 2013 IVF Success Rates for 1/1/13 – 12/31/14.

2013 Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rates

Pregnancy rate is defined as a pregnancy seen on ultrasound (avg. of 6-7 weeks of gestation).
Age # of FET Cycles Pregnancy Rate per ET Avg. # of Embryos Transferred
< 35 91 48% 1.6
35-37 30 53% 1.6
38-40 18 39% 1.7
41-42 10 20% 2.1
43+ 2 50% 1.0
Donor 9 56% 1.7
Totals 160 47%

2013 IVF Success Rates (1/1/13 to 12/31/13)

Pregnancy rate is defined as a pregnancy seen on ultrasound (avg. of 6-7 weeks of gestation).
Age # of Egg Retrievals Pregnancy Rate per ET Avg. # of Embryos Transferred
< 35 161 52% 1.5
35-37 81 37% 1.9
38-40 69 40% 1.9
41-42 34 21% 3.0
Donor 19 68% 1.8
Totals 376 44% 1.8
FET 160 Thawed 47% 1.6
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Fertility Solutions is now an Optum Center of Excellence (COE)

After careful review of Fertility Solutions’ SART outcome data and an overall survey of the Fertility Solutions program, Optum designated Fertility Solutions as an Optum Center of Excellence (COE). According to Optum, the goals of their Centers of Excellence network are to:

  • Provide customers value by identifying physicians that meet or exceed rigorous performance standards.
  • Enable better patient outcomes when diagnosed and treated by medical professionals with the greatest experience and clinical expertise.
  •  Support safe, successful and cost-effective management of patients with complex medical conditions.
  • Review evaluations regularly to incorporate current quality parameters and benchmarks.

Optum has been identifying superior health care providers for over twenty-five years and they have very high standards for recognition. Fertility Solutions is proud of this recognition and we are pleased to share this achievement with our patients.

Optum rigorously analyzed Fertility Solutions on the following points:

  • Live birth per transfer
  • Implantation and multiple gestation rates for all age groups up to and including 40
  • Program administration set-up
  • Managed care contract status
  • Frozen embryo transfer success rates
  • Donor success rates

Patients who choose an Optum COE are more likely to receive “a more accurate diagnosis”, health care that is planned and provided by experts who specialize in their individual condition, fewer complications, lower out of pocket costs and more.

The fact is, as the need for infertility treatment grows, patients need to be aware of what the facility they choose to seek advice and care from is really offering.  At Fertility Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to be a parent and that it is our duty to provide leading, quality fertility services that are results-driven and affordable.

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Dr. Moragianni Answers Questions on Grecian Echoes Radio Program

Vasiliki MoragianniEach month, Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni appears on a half-hour medical show on the Greek-American radio program “Grecian Echoes” and below, we’ve included an audio recording in both Greek and English from Dr. Moragianni’s time on the program in July (on 7/10/14).

We highly recommend that our patients, prospective patients, and followers tune in to the program in order to gain a deeper understanding of exactly what patients should pay attention to while attempting to conceive, general fertility treatment and care, IVF, and more.

We also encourage those who listen to prepare any questions they may have throughout the program and to feel free to post these questions on the Fertility Solutions Facebook page before any upcoming shows. Dr. Moragianni will review these questions and can potentially answer them during the next program she hosts. Patients and interested parties can also call into the program and ask a question anonymously if they so choose.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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A Patient’s Perspective on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Marianne was kind enough to offer her thoughts and experiences as a PCOS patient who choose to change her diet in order to improve her chances of conception.

“I never thought I was going to have to go through fertility treatments, but after trying for some time to conceive without luck, I sought out a fertility clinic.  I started my journey taking ovulation medication after finding out I had PCOS.  Initially I read up on the topic research – you know, the typical stuff like finding out what it was and how it affected conception.  I had all of the tell-tale signs.   I had heard about and read articles on the correlation between being overweight and how this can make conception difficult.   After trying for three months with no success I was frustrated, upset and felt like I was losing hope (keep in mind you are taking medications that can emotionally take a toll on you as well).   I started to read a book on PCOS and how diet can affect fertility and the day after I started reading the book I decided I needed to change my diet.  Although having infertility was not my choice and not in my ability to control, I realized that my diet was the one aspect of this whole process that I was able to control.

I began by giving up all diet soda (I had a very bad addiction to Diet Coke), all processed food, artificial sweeteners, and many unhealthy starches and carbohydrates.  It was hard to eat a salad when my coworkers would order pizza for lunch, but I knew I would feel better after eating the salad. Throughout this journey I have realized it’s very easy to get lost in the emotional ups and downs, but after I started eating well  my mood also improved dramatically.  Not only do I now have increased energy, I am in a better place mentally.   Changing my diet affected me in so many more ways than I could have imagined.  I lost 31 pounds and it has given me a new outlook on conceiving.  I know that it will happen, my journey may take longer but I also know that I can take control of my health.  I hope other women going through this process can relate to the emotional struggles of conceiving, but also know how changing your diet can really make a difference in how you feel physically as well as emotionally.”

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A Fertility Solutions Patient Testimonial Update

Last February, Fertility Solutions was proud to share a testimonial from one of our patients, Nichole. Nichole was gracious enough to not only share her experience, but also provided an ultrasound image of twins that she was expecting in the summer. Here is the full version of Nichole’s original patient testimonial:

“From the first moment we stepped through the doors at Fertility Solutions, we felt welcomed and knew were making the right choice in starting our family. Whether it was blood work, ultrasounds, egg retrieval or transfer – EVERYONE was super kind, explained what was happening and made us feel comfortable! I won’t sugar coat it – IVF is tough-emotionally, physically and psychologically…a roller coaster if you will…many ups and downs. No two people are alike, nor is their treatment. Injections are painful. But, if you have faith, patience and devotion to the outcome – Starting a Family – you can make it through as well. Time seemed to pass slowly sometimes and it was easy to get discouraged… but in the end we are pregnant with healthy fraternal boy/girl twins! We would not trade our experience with IVF for anything – WELL WORTH everything we went through – and we owe it all to Dr Huang and the team at Fertility Solutions!!!”

Nichole’s ultrasound image:

FSOL US photo 2.12.14


Now here is an updated testimonial from Nichole:

“Thanks to you and your staff for everything… Our dreams (when we sleep) have come true!”

Snap 2014-07-10 at 10.15.31


Congratulations Nichole! We are trilled for you and so glad that we were able to help you build your family.

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