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Patient Testimonials

Congratulations to our proud parents!

After trying to conceive for over two years, and discovering that I had a pretty severe case of endometriosis, I researched my alternatives, and fortunately discovered Dr. Ania Kowalik, and Fertility Solutions. She made the IVF process very pleasant and understandable. We had success during the frozen embryo transfer process in our IVF journey, and I have been smiling ever since! Being my first pregnancy, I plan on enjoying every minute and feel that the IVF segment was an exciting part of the whole journey to pregnancy that I would highly recommend for a couple to utilize to become parents. I.T.

We met Dr. Moragianni by chance at a conference about a year and a half ago while I was a patient at another fertility clinic. At the time we met her, we were undergoing our fourth IVF which turned out to be unsuccessful. After multiple failed IVF treatments, we realized that a change of clinic and a new perspective would be in our best interest, or at least serve to put us in the right direction of the path we needed to pursue. We decide to seek care from Dr. Moragianni and Fertility Solutions. Immediately upon review of our history and past cycles, she recognized changes that could be made to help us possibly conceive. As I'm writing this, I am sitting next our daughter who arrived January 15th, 2015, the very one Dr. Moragianni helped us to conceive. Words cannot describe the level of care that she provided to us and the compassion and concern Dr. Moragianni shows to patients. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough to say for completing our family and helping me to become a mom.

We learned that we had fertility issues about 1.5 years post-TTC. After my husband saw a Urologist, they recommended that we pursue IVF with ICSI. He gave us a list of fertility specialists and offices that he was familiar with. We chose Fertility Solutions based on the availability and multiple locations. Our first consultation appointment with Dr. Moragianni was very informative and helpful. We knew we made the right choice. She was very thorough in explaining the whole IVF process, and answered every question we had before we even asked! We decided to go for it, and try a round of IVF. I was very scared, but the staff at Fertility Solutions made me comfortable right away. The injections were easy - everything became simple after only a few visits. Every doctor we saw was very caring and helpful. After only one round and a transfer of just one embryo, we got the news that we were pregnant! It was the happiest moment of our lives to get that call from Dr. Moragianni, giving us the great news. However, a new "happiest moment" came on January 1, 2015, because we gave birth to our beautiful son, L.J.! We are blessed with this beautiful boy and we have Fertility Solutions to thank!

I came to Fertility Solutions after 3 years and 8 failed IVF/FET transfers. I knew I had to leave another RI facility, I felt as if they were just taking my money and never really looking into why this wasn't working. Yes, my husband did have a slight issue, but not bad enough to not conceive through IVF. We did the same routine over and over and got the same negative result. I'm so happy and thankful to have found Dr. Ania Kowalik. She took her time, reviewed my file, ran some tests, and found that I had some kind of genetic issue. She prescribed medication to help and within 6 months I was pregnant for the 1st time ever! I'm now 19 weeks and I'm having a daughter. Words can't describe how I feel… I'm just so happy I never gave up. I'm so thankful for Dr. Kowalik and her whole team. They were so nice and knew me by my name. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Kowalik was involved from all the testing to even the phone calls. I just want to say: Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!! I going to enjoy this pregnancy and my baby, but when I'm ready to try for my 2nd, I know I will be calling Fertility Solutions. J.G.

Living in the Boston area, we had our pick of fertility clinics. In fact, two clinics had offices closer to my home than Fertility Solutions. We chose Fertility Solutions anyway because of the appeal of female physicians and patient-centered care, and we are so happy we did. I know many people who have sought out the care of reproductive endocrinologists, but none of them had as much contact with their doctor as I had with Dr. Huang. She was almost always the one to call me with test results and explain my protocols. Between Dr. Huang, nurse Sandra Khirallah, and all of the doctors and nurses on call when the clinic was closed, I always knew I was a phone call away from an answer to any question. My wife and I were always treated with respect and kindness, which was very important to us as a same-sex couple. And when our first two embryo transfers ended in miscarriage, everyone at Fertility Solutions offered us so much compassion. Dr. Huang called me personally almost immediately after she found out about the second one, which occurred after I had been discharged from her care -- not to talk about next steps, or to find out when I was coming back, but simply to say she was sorry. These women just get it. When our third transfer produced a healthy baby boy who is now 4 months old, I truly felt they were thrilled for us -- not as statistics, but as mothers.

Another clinic may have also been able to help me achieve a successful pregnancy, but I don't believe I would have experienced the same level of care anywhere else. Given how emotionally draining this journey can be, I would not want to go through it with any other team. Thank you, Dr. Huang! Thank you, Fertility Solutions! E.K.

We would just like to thank Dr. Kowalik and the team of doctors and nurses at Fertility Solutions. Without your knowledge, guidance and compassion we would not be where we are today - which happens to be three weeks away from our due date with our little miracle. We had been TTC for almost 1.5 years prior to visiting Fertility Solutions. Although my body and my husband's gave us some "issues", and we had a few losses and bumps along the way - we always felt that Dr. Kowalik was pulling for us and was proactive every step of the way. After a few changes in protocol and some adjustments to medications we were able to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. The excitement we feel as we await the arrival of our soon to be son or daughter is a feeling we thought we may never have the chance to experience. There are no words to express how deeply grateful we are for your practice and what you have given to us as a family. It was such a blessing that we were referred to your practice and we would recommend any couple going through the heartbreaking journey of infertility to seek out your services. Thank you again, although words don't seem to be enough. L & B

When my husband and I finally concluded that we were in need of fertility services, we contacted Fertility Solutions because we were looking for a more intimate, calming experience. We were greeted by the most warm and compassionate nursing care and we knew we had made the right choice. Not only did we see our own RE at each visit, she even performed the needed ultrasounds. You made us feel so special. Thank you Fertility Solutions for making our dream come true! G.C. & M.C.

Dr. Kowalik, You had worked with me last fall to help bring some clarity to my fertility issues. I was so very impressed with your knowledge and the speed with which you pinpointed the issue and helped my husband and I conceive. Thank you so much for the work you do and for your part in helping complete our family. I couldn’t be more thankful! M.F.

We had a wonderful experience with Fertility Solutions. We had our 2-month-old daughter through the help of this amazing facility which has made our dream come true. I got pregnant from a single IVF treatment and had no complications whatsoever with pregnancy or delivery. Our little girl was a full-term healthy baby, she was 7 pounds 9 ounces at birth and she's growing beautifully. I find it hard to believe that she was only 7 cells the day we had the embryo transfer… Infertility is stressful for most couples and going through fertility treatments can be even more frustrating, painful, and demanding. Choosing a facility like Fertility Solutions can help ease the difficult and long journey of infertility. They give you hope that treatment is possible, be with you all along, and help you relax - which is a big part of the treatment believe it or not! Wishing the best of luck to all couples in need of a little miracle in their lives. G.K.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for my family! After many years of heart ache to finally receive the call last April that I was going to be a mom was the best feeling in the world. 12 years of trying all made it worth it December 18th when I welcomed my baby boy into this world! Dr. Kowalik thank you for everything you did! :) K.M. from New Hampshire

I became a patient at Fertility Solutions after several unsuccessful fertility treatments at another nearby clinic. In my opinion, there are several things that set Fertility Solutions apart from other centers. This includes frequent and close contact with your physician about your treatments and test results and a responsive staff that includes wonderful and knowledgeable nurses who are there to support you emotionally throughout the process. There is a true team approach at this center which is an important element for success. All the physicians know your history and treatment plans to ensure the best outcome possible. Having Dr. Moragianni who is so kind and knowledgeable and the rest of the staff at Fertility Solutions by my side has eased the anxiety and frustration that is often associated with infertility. R.P. from Rhode Island

We had a wonderful experience with Fertility Solutions after an unsuccessful experience with another clinic. The entire process was so much more pleasant and felt much more manageable. The facilities are very nice, scheduling appointments and getting test results all were efficient and relatively easy. Our nurse Sue was so supportive and helpful. She made a huge difference. Dr. Kowalik was thoughtful and available throughout the process.

We now are the parents of 16 week old twins who are just wonderful - we are so blessed.
Thank you! M.G.

From the first moment we stepped through the doors at Fertility Solutions, we felt welcomed and knew were making the right choice in starting our family. Whether it was bloodwork, ultrasounds, egg retrieval or transfer - EVERYONE was super kind, explained what was happening, and made us feel comfortable!

I won't sugar coat it: IVF is tough-emotionally, physically and psychologically...a roller coaster if you will...many ups and downs. No two people are alike, nor is their treatment. Injections are painful. But, if you have faith, patience and devotion to the outcome - Starting a Family - you can make it through as well. Time seemed to pass slowly sometimes and it was easy to get discouraged...but in the end we are pregnant with healthy fraternal boy/girl twins! We would not trade our experience with IVF for anything - WELL WORTH everything we went through - and we owe it all to Dr Huang and the team at Fertility Solutions!! Nichole

I would like to thank Dr. Anania and the entire staff at Fertility Solutions for the dedicated care and positive support they provided during the multiple rounds of IVF. What I appreciated most was Dr. Anania’s ability to communicate information so that we could weigh the pros & cons of each decision. She was always optimistic yet realistic in her analysis. Thankfully we are now blessed with a two month old baby girl! This would not have been possible without Fertility Solutions. D.L

I can't thank Fertility Solutions and Dr. Anania enough for everything. Our little bundle of joy is only here thanks to the amazing work you all do. I was so blessed to find Fertility Solutions and our family has been truly blessed with our new addition. You all made everything so simple. It truly was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Whoever said IVF has to be hard or challenging definitely did not go to you guys. Thank you again! C.D

We are thrilled to finally announce the birth of our twins (we've had our hands full the last 9 months). Thank you for making their birth possible! I also want to thank you all for making what could have been a stressful and overwhelming process an easy and positive experience. I had previously started the IVF process at another Boston Area fertility clinic but I felt I was just part of an assembly line and that they only cared about their success rate. My experience at Fertility Solutions was so different.

» I felt you were all focused on what was best for me and what I wanted to do. You were so personal and positive and supportive and as a result I was calm and stress free throughout the IVF process. I really think my anxiety free state of mind helped me to get pregnant with twins on the first IVF try! Thank you again for all that you did for our family. You helped bring into the world two little miracles! J.L.

My husband and I would like to extend our sincerest thank you to you for all you have done for us. When we were referred to you last June, we were distraught and lost, but thanks to the caring, compassion, and dedication you always gave, we were able to weather the trails of infertility with newfound hope. We can never express enough how appreciative we are for the level of kindness and professionalism we received from everyone at Fertility Solutions, and it is because of you all that we are on our journey to parenthood!! We are excitedly looking forward to welcoming our little one in May, and for this extraordinary gift, no amount of thanks will ever be enough. Thank you for all the ways you make this world a brighter one. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season! G.C.B.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Anania and her staff from the bottom of our hearts. Dr. Anania and staff made conceiving our 2nd child a reality after trying to conceive for 2+ years. Our experience at Fertility Solutions was extremely positive everyone is so nice and compassionate.

I felt much less stressed with this round of IVF and I have had others at top rated Fertility clinics in the Boston area. Thanks again for all that you did for our family!!! Looking forward to meeting our new bundle of joy in Dec 2012!!!

Dear Dr. Kowalik, we want to thank you for all of your support, and expertise in helping us start a family. We are thrilled and we feel blessed. Thank you for always being there as well as your caring manner. Our family is so happy about the wonderful news! Thank you again for all. We also want to wish you much success in your new venture. Best regards, L.S. & P.S.

Dear Dr. Anania, I just wanted to say thank you again for the excellent care you gave us. You were always clear and thorough with us, and I always knew you really hoped for a positive outcome. I especially appreciate the way you took steps to minimize the pain I had after my laparoscopy. It was practically pain-free! One way or another, we will have our family. Thanks for helping us though a big part of this crazy journey. Good luck with the new practice! M.S. & M.S.

Over the last year and a half I have been a patient under the care of Dr. Pei-Li Huang.  My husband and I are overjoyed at this time to announce that I am eleven weeks pregnant with twins due to a successful IVF procedure. My positive experience was due so much in part to the attention I received from my doctor.  Dr. Huang is extremely knowledgeable in the field and has the utmost concern for her patients.  She spent time with us discussing our options every step of the way.  After unsuccessful IUI procedures she recommended IVF. It is my hope that if I am in need of reproductive assistance in the future I would be able to see Dr. Huang at her new practice. A.P.

Dear Dr. Kowalik and staff, We would like to express how appreciative we are of you and your staff. Since day one, your support, convenience, knowledge, and never ending care has made a difficult situation for us turn into a comfortable, hopeful one. We would not be able to experience our "next step" in life without your help. We truly cannot thank you enough. B.P. & A.P.

Dr. Anania, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us conceive our son. We are so overjoyed to have him in our life. Hope you are well. Sincerely, H.T. & J.T.

Dear Dr. Kowalik, We hope his letter finds you well. After a successful pregnancy, we are so happy to announce the birth of our daughter, born Feb. 24th. She was 21 1/2" and 7lbs. 14oz. (quite a big girl). She is doing very well and thriving. We just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and guidance in helping us conceive our beautiful girl. She is healthy and absolutely beautiful. You are a wonderful doctor and we truly appreciate your efforts. We will always remember you. Thank you again, L.S. & P.S.

Dear Dr. Anania & team, we are thrilled to announce the birth of our son. He weighed 8.6lbs and was 20.5 inches. Thank you for all your help to make his birth possible. We are grateful that you were willing to work with a couple from Minnesota with donated embryos. We can't imagine life without our baby. You were so helpful during our initial visit, all the coordination of our tests from Minnesota, and our actual transfer. You were very professional and yet caring and concerned about our personal situation. Blessings to you all, J.H.

Dear Dr. Kowalik, we wanted to thank you for all your expertise and kindness in helping us realize our dreams. We are so grateful. Thank you so much. Best, F.C. & .CC.

Dear Dr. Anania, Thank you could never sum up the feelings that my partner and I have for you... Through years of fertility medication, fibroid removal, polyp removal, embryo retrievals and countless injections, we never in our wildest dreams ever thought that one day we would have a new addition to our family.

During my entire time with Fertility Solutions, everyone there made me feel like I was the only patient, starting with the amazing nurses who are available to answer the millions of questions I had. They spent countless time on the phone walking me through administering my medications, and the doctors knew how to talk to me and make sure I knew exactly what was happening at all times. The financial advisors were also terrific; they went to bat for me when I needed it... Sincerely, M.

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