In-House IVF Laboratory

A World-Class, In-House IVF Laboratory

The IVF Lab at Fertility Solutions allows our patients to receive the highest level of fertility care together with the absolute latest in assisted reproductive technology (ART). All of our ART treatments and testing are performed in-house ensuring tighter control and top-notch security for the best chance at successful treatment.

Our Laboratory Director, Michael Lee, has over twenty years of lab experience and provides consulting for many ART laboratories in the area of design, embryo biopsy and PGD technologies. He is certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis as a General Supervisor, Technical Supervisor in Andrology and Embryology and an Embryology Laboratory Director. Mr. Lee is passionate about his work and has contributed extensively to the medical field with nearly forty publications and abstracts.

Your Results — in Real Time

Our advanced electronic records management (EMR) software is integrated with our patient portal so you can see the results of your lab work and other tests in real time. In fact, you will have access to your results at the same time as your physicians. Fertility Solutions is the only fertility clinic in New England offering this extraordinary level of transparency.

“We offer unprecedented access to IVF flow-sheets throughout your cycle. Our patients can login anytime to see important results and information.”

— Michael Lee, MS, TS, ELD (ABB)

A True IVF Advantage

Fertility Solutions uses the most advanced incubators available, giving our patients a true advantage in the success of their treatment. Incubators are used to store embryos as they develop in the laboratory. Our incubators are smaller in size than traditional models which allows for a rapid restoration of ‘womb-like’ temperatures and humidity. This helps maintain the most optimal conditions for embryo development and has lead to significantly higher IVF success rates.

Minc™ Incubators – Using Superior Technology

Fertility Solutions uses state of the art micro-incubators called Minc™ that keep the micro-environment surrounding embryos at a very stable condition. Studies on this type of incubator have shown better fertilization rates, decreased fragmentation, and improved pregnancy rates. To our knowledge, we are the only practice in New England to use Minc™ incubators exclusively. We’re dedicated to giving our patients every possible advantage, and our results speak for themselves.

Peace of Mind

Our patients trust us with their family and their future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Throughout the laboratory, you will find the latest monitoring equipment to measure and report on critical systems. Access, power, temperature and humidity levels in the laboratory are electronically monitored at all times. This is critical to the success of your ART treatment. Any deviations from acceptable levels will result in immediate notification to our staff via mobile and web transmission. We've gone the extra mile so you can have peace of mind throughout this exciting process.