Advantage Diagnostic IVF Plan

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a procedure used to identify embryos created through in vitro fertilization which have the correct number of chromosomes or are free of specific genetic defects. This technique can be used to maximize the chances of embryo implantation after IVF and to prevent certain diseases or disorders being passed on to the child. Embryo banking offers the opportunity to combine embryos from multiple cycles prior to genetic screening in order to maximize the probability of having a genetically normal embryo available for transfer.

We at Fertility Solutions are offering an IVF plan that includes PGD at a discounted rate to demonstrate our commitment to personalized care and competitive transparent pricing. Our packages do not include fees associated with initial testing, initial consultation and do not include medication costs.

Advanced IVF Package

Fertility Solutions offers a discounted IVF plan that include PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). The Advanced Diagnostic IVF Plan excludes the cost of medications as well as the cost of embryo testing by the chosen PGD laboratory. The plan is followed by a frozen thawed embryo transfer cycle after normal genetic testing results are received. Please note that the cost of the frozen embryo biopsy is not included in the plan provided below.

Advanced Diagnostic IVF 1 Cycle Plan — $12,400

Single cycle plan includes:

  • Our Comprehensive IVF Cycle and Monitoring in one of our monitoring locations.
  • IVF Egg Retrieval
    -Sperm wash and ICSI
  • 1 PGD Biopsy (Shipping and Handling included) in our ART lab
  • 1 Frozen Embryo Transfer with Monitoring
  • 1 Pregnancy test
  • Vitrification and storage of embryos for 6 months