Egg Freezing Options from $6500

Egg Freezing Options from $6500

Fertility Solutions of New England encourages women to understand that there are choices for family building. Whether the choice to delay is for education, career or simply because the right partner has yet to come along, fertility preservation alleviates the “time clock” pressure. The choice to delay family building is an empowerment and now is available to all at a reasonable and transparent rate starting at $6500 for the first egg freeze cycle.

Egg freezing is an elective procedure that allows women to preserve their fertility while delaying childbearing to further a career, pursue an advanced degree or simply wish to wait to meet the right partner. It is an increasingly popular option for women, and we are dedicated to making the process as simple and affordable as possible!

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Affordable Egg Freezing Options Include:

  • $6500 for first egg freezing cycle

  • $5500 for second egg freezing cycle if completed within six months of initial cycle

  • First full year of storage is free of charge

*Please note that an additional cryopreservation charge of $200 will be added if 20 or more eggs are cryopreserved in any one cycle. Patients can elect to complete one cycle for $6500 with the first year of free storage without the purchase of a second cycle. Medications, pre-cycle testing and initial consultation are excluded.

Egg Freezing – Getting Started

If you are interested in your future fertility options, please schedule a consultation with one of our female, board certified reproductive endocrinologists. The consult provides you with a personal educational discussion about YOUR fertility and YOUR family building choices, as well as, addresses any financial questions about egg freezing costs.