IVF Prime Advantage Plan

IVF Prime Advantage Plan: One Complete IVF Cycle

The IVF Prime Advantage Plan includes 1 fresh IVF cycle and 1 frozen embryo transfer cycle for $10,000. A fresh cycle is when an egg retrieval and embryo transfer takes place. A frozen embryo cycle is when the frozen embryos derived from the fresh cycle are thawed and transferred. Our packages do not include fees associated with initial testing, initial consultation and do not include medication costs.

This plan includes:

  • Fertility Solutions in-cycle monitoring services including ultrasounds, blood tests, egg retrieval and embryo transfer(s)

  • Fertility Solutions offers comprehensive embryology, and in-cycle andrology and endocrinology services

  • Includes anesthesia performed by a physician, board certified in Anesthesiology

  • ICSI if necessary

  • Assisted hatching, if necessary

  • Vitrification of remaining viable embryos

  • Frozen embryo storage during the plans duration

  • Pregnancy test performed at the completion of each cycle (up to 2 tests per plan)

  • All in-cycle professional medical services of physicians and staff

  • Patients must meet required medical screening criteria—no age limit

  • All patients pay the same fee

  • Qualified patients who do not achieve a viable pregnancy receive $1,000 toward an upgraded Advantage Plan if purchased within 6 months