$8675 Tubal Reversal Package

$8675 Tubal Reversal Package

At Fertility Solutions, we want you to get the best fertility care for an affordable price. Tubal reversal is a “minimally invasive” same-day surgery performed by one of our reproductive surgeons. For a limited time, we are offering tubal reversal surgery for a total cost of $8675.

Tubal reversal cost includes:

  • Hospital fees (Newton Wellesley Hospital)

  • Physician fees

  • Anesthesia

Note: There will be additional charges of $1200 if an overnight hospital stay is required or there may be other unexpected expenses that occur.

Tubal Reversal — Getting Started

If you interested in tubal reversal surgery, please schedule a consultation with one of our board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists. Both Dr. Carol Anania and Dr. Ania Kowalik specialize in tubal reversal surgery. The consult is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the procedure, your overall fertility treatment plan and speak with financial counselors about payment plans and insurance options.