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2012 Interim IVF & FET Success Rates

Posted in General | Tagged Boston, Fertility Solutions, FET success rates, frozen embryo transfer, IVF, IVF Success Rates, Massachusetts, New England October 11, 2012

We are very proud to share with our current and prospective patients that our interim 2012 IVF success rates have surpassed our 2011 success rates. As our practice completes its second year of delivering personalized fertility care throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New England, we strongly believe that being able to individualize treatment protocols to meet the clinical needs of our clients is largely responsible for this achievement.

The pregnancy rate per embryo transfer increased by 10% for those using donor eggs, by 10% for those under the age of 35 and by 6% for women in the 41-42 age range! The interim frozen embryo transfer (FET) success rates have also been posted. View the complete statistics on our IVF Success Rates page.

The advances at our lab allow us to more closely mirror natural reproduction, giving our patients a real advantage in the success of their treatment.” - Michael Lee, MS, TS, ELD (ABB)

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