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3 Reasons Why Patients Choose Fertility Solutions

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At Fertility Solutions, our practice is centered directly on the needs of our patients. Under the care of our fertility specialists, patients receive individualized treatment plans that cater to their specific infertility diagnosis. We know that the initial diagnosis of infertility can be a difficult moment in a person’s life and that the process that can follow – receiving treatment and working toward achieving a pregnancy has its challenges. Fertility Solutions was founded in order to make this journey as straightforward and successful as possible for our patients, and in doing so, we’ve been able to provide several key advantages for our patients over other fertility practices.

More Time with Your Doctor

We realize that a critical part of the journey to parenthood is the one-on-one time patients spend with their doctor. Not only will your doctor provide treatment, but she will also provide the educational support that is needed at this important time. Patients have frequent face to face contact with the physicians in our group throughout the treatment cycle. All of the monitoring and diagnostic ultrasounds will be done by one of our physicians. At these visits we can review your response, immediately, address any problems with medications or side effects, answer most questions, and assess overall how the cycle is progressing. At Fertility Solutions, we feel that this frequent contact has had a positive impact on helping our patients through the fertility process both emotionally, physically, and has also resulted in better overall outcomes and experience. We want our patients to know they have our time and focus throughout their time at our center.

Affordable, Honest Pricing

We believe that everyone deserves an honest chance to have a baby and should be able to access the type of quality care that will best ensure this outcome. We were the first fertility center in New England to provide reduced, more affordable pricing to our patients. Fertility Solutions offers affordable fertility treatment through a range of plans and packages designed to help patients achieve their dreams while minimizing any financial difficulty.

Access to Leading Fertility Specialists & Technology

At Fertility Solutions’ our team of Fertility Specialists are all board certified, and together they offer patients decades of successful experience in the field of fertility. The team has received numerous “Top Doc” nominations and awards throughout the years, and has helped thousands of couples build their families. Our in-house IVF laboratory offers state-of-the-art technology and is directed by Michael Lee who has over twenty years of lab experience. The advances achieved in our lab have allow us the ability to offer patients a real advantage when compared to other facilities because our in-house laboratory provides the most advanced incubators currently available. Additionally, our advanced electronic records management software (EMR) is integrated with our patient portal, which means that patients are able to receive and view their results in real time. For those going through treatment cycles including IVF, you will have live access to your daily hormone and ultrasound results, medication dosages and future appointment times and locations

To take advantage of Fertility Solutions’ excellent patient treatment and care, please schedule a consultation with our fertility specialists. We look forward to hearing from you and working toward helping build your family.

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