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A Fertility Solutions Patient Testimonial Update

Posted in Fertility Solutions, IVF | Tagged IVF, Patient Testimonials, ultrasound July 10, 2014

Last February, Fertility Solutions was proud to share a testimonial from one of our patients, Nichole. Nichole was gracious enough to not only share her experience, but also provided an ultrasound image of twins that she was expecting in the summer. Here is the full version of Nichole's original patient testimonial:

"From the first moment we stepped through the doors at Fertility Solutions, we felt welcomed and knew were making the right choice in starting our family. Whether it was blood work, ultrasounds, egg retrieval or transfer - EVERYONE was super kind, explained what was happening and made us feel comfortable! I won’t sugar coat it - IVF is tough-emotionally, physically and psychologically...a roller coaster if you will...many ups and downs. No two people are alike, nor is their treatment. Injections are painful. But, if you have faith, patience and devotion to the outcome - Starting a Family - you can make it through as well. Time seemed to pass slowly sometimes and it was easy to get discouraged... but in the end we are pregnant with healthy fraternal boy/girl twins! We would not trade our experience with IVF for anything - WELL WORTH everything we went through - and we owe it all to Dr Huang and the team at Fertility Solutions!!!"

Nichole's ultrasound image:

Now here is an updated testimonial from Nichole:

"Thanks to you and your staff for everything... Our dreams (when we sleep) have come true!"

Congratulations Nichole! We are trilled for you and so glad that we were able to help you build your family.

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