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A Patient’s Perspective on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Posted in General | Tagged diet, PCOS, pregnancy July 14, 2014

Marianne was kind enough to offer her thoughts and experiences as a PCOS patient who choose to change her diet in order to improve her chances of conception.

"I never thought I was going to have to go through fertility treatments, but after trying for some time to conceive without luck, I sought out a fertility clinic. I started my journey taking ovulation medication after finding out I had PCOS. Initially I read up on the topic research - you know, the typical stuff like finding out what it was and how it affected conception. I had all of the tell-tale signs. I had heard about and read articles on the correlation between being overweight and how this can make conception difficult. After trying for three months with no success I was frustrated, upset and felt like I was losing hope (keep in mind you are taking medications that can emotionally take a toll on you as well). I started to read a book on PCOS and how diet can affect fertility and the day after I started reading the book I decided I needed to change my diet. Although having infertility was not my choice and not in my ability to control, I realized that my diet was the one aspect of this whole process that I was able to control.

I began by giving up all diet soda (I had a very bad addiction to Diet Coke), all processed food, artificial sweeteners, and many unhealthy starches and carbohydrates. It was hard to eat a salad when my coworkers would order pizza for lunch, but I knew I would feel better after eating the salad. Throughout this journey I have realized it’s very easy to get lost in the emotional ups and downs, but after I started eating well my mood also improved dramatically. Not only do I now have increased energy, I am in a better place mentally. Changing my diet affected me in so many more ways than I could have imagined. I lost 31 pounds and it has given me a new outlook on conceiving. I know that it will happen, my journey may take longer but I also know that I can take control of my health. I hope other women going through this process can relate to the emotional struggles of conceiving, but also know how changing your diet can really make a difference in how you feel physically as well as emotionally."

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