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A Q&A with Michael Lee, MS, TS, ELD (ABB)

Posted in Fertility Solutions, General, IVF | Tagged ivf laboratory, Lab Director, Laboratory, Michael Lee April 29, 2014
Michael Lee

Michael Lee is the IVF laboratory director at Fertility Solutions. Michael was kind enough to offer some of his time, most of which is spent hard at work in the lab, to answer some questions that we hope will help illuminate what makes the state of the art laboratory at Fertility Solutions stand out from those of other fertility centers.

How long have you worked in the Fertility Solutions' laboratory?

I've worked at Fertility Solutions since it opened, actually, before it opened. I planned the labs and purchased all of the equipment long before we saw our first patient. I've been an IVF Laboratory Director since 1988 when I completed my graduate degree at The University of Pennsylvania.

__**What do you enjoy most about your work?**

My favorite part of my job is helping patients understand what happens in the laboratories and how it impacts them as individual patients.

What are some of your daily responsibilities in the Fertility Solutions laboratory?

My daily duties include:

  • Daily direction, management, and operation of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) laboratories: In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory, Andrology Laboratory and Endocrinology Laboratory including implementation of all protocols for human in vitro fertilization, andrology and endocrinology.

  • Supervision, management and performance of procedures in the ART laboratories that meets Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) requirements, including performance of gamete preparation, in vitro fertilization, micromanipulation, cryopreservation and other techniques.

  • Staff training in all aspects of regulatory compliance issues.

  • Supervision and maintenance of appropriate quality control/quality assurance programs to include compliance with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)/OSHA regulations and Massachusetts State Department of Health (MADOH), FDA, and CAP for the IVF, Andrology and Endocrinology laboratories.

  • Writing and development of all operating procedures and policies to meet MADOH, FDA, and CAP regulations.

__**What sets the lab at Fertility Solutions apart from other fertility laboratories?**

The labs at Fertility Solutions are the culmination of my 26 years as a lab director. We have the newest, most patient relevant technology of any labs in the world. I am also a consultant to industry as well as other Fertility labs and have compiled all my experience and knowledge into our labs. The equipment that we use to care for our patients and diagnose their problems is second to none.

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