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Affordable Fertility Treatment: 2 New Packages from Fertility Solutions

Posted in Egg Freezing, Fertility Preservation, Fertility Solutions, IUI | Tagged clomid, egg freezing, Fertility Preservation, insurance coverage, iui December 19, 2014

Fertility Solutions is proud to offer patients two new affordable fertility treatment packages designed with your budget in mind. We realize that fertility treatment costs can be daunting, and may cause some to put their dreams of having a family on hold or choose to abandon the concept altogether.

The entire team behind Fertility Solutions strongly believes that everyone deserves the chance to have a family. Our physicians work tirelessly to support coverage for fertility treatment in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In addition to encouraging insurance coverage, we've prepared two exciting new fertility care options designed with your financial concerns in mind.

Egg Freezing: Option starting at $5,400

Egg freezing is steadily becoming a consideration for more and more women who are simply not in the place they want to be when they start a family. With the average age of a woman giving birth to her first child increasing and egg freezing available as a viable option, the so-called “biological clock” is less of a concern. Egg freezing provides women with the opportunity to have a baby at the age when they are ready to do so. Regardless of your motivation for doing so (career, partner, etc.), freezing your eggs for future use does not have to lead to financial concern. We are simply offering a choice for you and your future dreams.

Fertility Solutions is now offering patients a new egg freezing package that starts at just $5,400 for the first egg freezing cycle, and your first full year of storage is completely free.

We encourage patients who would like to learn more about egg freezing to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced fertility specialists.

IUI & Clomid: Two new packages

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often the first step fertility specialists recommend to patients experiencing difficulty with conception. IUI can be used in cases of mild male factor infertility, women who are using a sperm donor, and when unexplained infertility is diagnosed. The process is relatively quick and minimally invasive.

Fertility Solutions offers patients two new IUI package options, ranging from $750-$2500 for treatment. Our packages offer patients options regarding monitoring, medication (Clomid) and more.

Fertility care should not break the bank. As support for fertility insurance coverage grows, Fertility Solutions will continue to lead those actively seeking coverage and to provide affordable options for each and every patient. The stress of an infertility diagnosis is more than enough cause for patient’s concern – worrying about how to pay for s well.

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