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Affordable Fertility Treatments Designed for Growing Families

Posted in General | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care, IVF Advantage Plans, Financing programs, Fertility financing February 22, 2018

Our practice recognizes that there are challenges to fertility treatment, particularly noting the financial commitment couples and individuals seeking to build their families must undertake.

It would be obtuse and unkind to push past patients’ financial concerns, especially as questions about the cost of your treatment plan and insurance coverage will be at the forefront of your mind throughout the process.

Many fertility clinics will work to provide options to patients, sometimes in the form of limited-time discounts, low-cost packages, and financing options. Fertility Solutions offers patients all three, including facility locations within states that mandate fertility treatment insurance coverage. We recognize that every growing family’s situation is different, from your recommended treatment plan to whether third-party reproduction assistance is required to have a baby and where your budget for family planning falls. Because of this, we’ve provided a review of the affordable care features at Fertility Solutions.

Limited-time discounts and current promotions
Limited-time discounts offer a unique opportunity for patients who can take advantage of a practice’s discounted service. For example, Fertility Solutions is proud to offer free consultations for new patients across our seven New England locations several times throughout the year. Patients are asked to request and schedule their first consultation free of charge within a specific time frame to take advantage of the offer, usually within a month or so.

A great way to stay aware of your clinic’s limited-time discounts is to follow its practice on social media. Fertility Solutions announces all financial incentives for patients via our Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus profiles.

You’re invited to review our current promotions here.

Low-cost packages
From a $6,500 egg-freezing package to an $8,850 single-cycle IVF, our practice knows that keeping treatment costs competitive can go a long way toward reducing any stress our patients may feel from the need to utilize fertility treatment. We invite patients to review all of our affordable care options, including IVF Advantage Plans that cater to specific patient needs. You can also contact our staff to speak with one of our financial coordinators to learn more about our low-cost packages and whether any are suited for your individual treatment plan.

Financial options
Our practice partners with three financing programs: Lending Club, CapexMD, and EMD Serono. These institutions offer flexible payment plans with low rates, and they often cater specifically to fertility patients, including veterans and active-duty service members.

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