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Available Options After a Vasectomy & Detailed Information on Tubal Reversal

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Fertility Solutions recently held a very informative and fun evening of interactive discussion on various infertility topics presented by Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni. This is Part 3 and the final entry in our series of blog posts answering the questions posed at the seminar. This post will tackle several questions.

What are the options available for couples after the male has had a vasectomy?

In general, there are two options: (1) getting the vasectomy reversed and conceiving naturally, and (2) going directly to IVF. Whether the vasectomy can and should be reversed depends on several factors, including the time lapsed since the vasectomy, the male fertility history and semen parameters prior to the vasectomy, and the type of procedure that was performed. These and many other factors need to be discussed with your reproductive endocrinologist and reproductive urologist. We can help refer you to an urologist who specializes in the vasectomy reversal procedures.

If, for whatever reason, the vasectomy cannot be reversed then sperm can be aspirated directly from the testicles or the epididymis during an office procedure. The sperm can then be frozen for later use or used fresh during an IVF cycle. In that instance, ICSI (intracytoplastic sperm injection), should be used as well to optimize fertilization of available eggs.

What about a tubal ligation reversal? Who is a viable candidate? Is IVF an option after a tubal reversal?

Similar to a vasectomized male, a woman who has had a tubal ligation has the option of reversing it and conceiving naturally vs. proceeding directly with IVF. Again, to determine a patient’s candidacy for tubal ligation reversal we take into account your age, reproductive history, and technique utilized for the ligation, among other factors. At Fertility Solutions, we are very proud to offer the option of same-day tubal ligation reversal performed by our experienced physicians, at an affordable price, for patients who wish to explore that option.

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