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Can I Become an Egg Donor with Fertility Solutions?

Posted in Egg Donation | Tagged Become an egg donor, Egg donation July 19, 2017

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor with Fertility Solutions? Egg donation has increased in popularity in the last decade, and more couples who require a donor to build their family seek third-party reproductive services to help them.

Deciding to donate your eggs is a big step, which is why Fertility Solutions wants to make sure you have all the information you need as you make a decision on becoming an egg donor. We encourage all potential donors to reach out to our practice with any questions or concerns you may have.

What is egg donation and how is it different from donating sperm?
Egg donors differ from sperm donors most significantly in the donation process and in compensation. Egg donation requires that donors are matched with the future parents prior to their donation cycle -- a process which includes various screenings, injected medications, physical exams and a blood test -- in addition to the actual retrieval.

Egg donation is much more involved than donating sperm, which is why egg donors are compensated well for their time and efforts. For example, sperm donors typically make around $50 to $100 per donation depending on the facility, whereas egg donors are financially compensated in the $4,000 to $7,000 range.

Who is a good egg donor candidate?
• Aged 21 to 30 with a BMI between 18 and 29
• A high school diploma or GED, though a high school diploma is preferred
• Non-smoker for at least six months prior to egg donation
• Must be drug-free
• No tattoos, piercings or blood transfusions for at least six months prior to egg donation
• A reliable and trustworthy person who attends every necessary appointment and takes medications as directed

How do I apply to become an egg donor with Fertility Solutions?
In order to fill out your egg donor application, we ask that you please download and complete our donor questionnaire and return it to our Dedham, MA location, addressed to EDP, Nurse Coordinator. We will review your application, and if you are a good egg donor candidate, we’ll contact you to schedule your screening tests.

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