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Can I 'Optimize' My Fertility?

Posted in General | Tagged Stress, Diet March 24, 2016

During the first consultation with Fertility Solutions, patients frequently ask if there is anything that can be done to boost or optimize fertility during treatment. This question is asked by infertile couples and LGBT couples alike, who want to “put their best foot forward” throughout their treatment plan.

Couples can work on their day-to-day lives in order to influence fertility, even when using assisted reproduction or third-party reproduction such as an egg or sperm donor or a gestational surrogate.

How stress affects fertility
After facing an infertility diagnosis and knowing treatment is needed in order to have a baby, the last thing a couple wants to hear is that they just need to relax. Even with a supportive and compassionate team of fertility specialists, treatment can be stressful. Elevated stress levels affect people in different ways, but anxiety directly impacts hormones, which in turn can negatively affect fertility.

Stress is not a cause for infertility, but it can complicate the treatment process. In order to combat stress, Fertility Solutions recommends finding an outlet to address and relieve these feelings. Patients may benefit from a fertility support group, both in person and online, exercise, or other activities that either address family building head-on or help distract patients from the treatment – whichever is best for the couple.

Do I really need to change my diet?
Sometimes, couples think that a dramatic change in diet can improve their chances for successful fertility treatment. Weight and overall health can certainly contribute to fertility, but it is rarely the only factor in play, especially when you are within a healthy BMI. However, obesity is one of those cases in which fertility may be directly affected by weight. Every physician, including a fertility specialist, will recommend a well-balanced diet with at least moderate exercise. A fertility specialist may recommend diet changes to overweight or underweight patients in order to optimize fertility.

Patients must remember that infertility is a medical condition, even when it’s unexplained infertility. Changes to diet and lifestyle can help make the process easier, but fertility treatment will directly address the best possible chances to build a family. Schedule a consultation with Fertility Solutions today.

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