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Celebrate LGBT Pride Month and LGBTQ Family Building with Fertility Solutions

Posted in General, Fertility Solutions | Tagged LGBTQ family building, LGBT Pride Month June 10, 2016

Fertility Solutions is proud to join the LGBTQ community in celebrating Pride Month during June. LGBTQ family building is an especially important cornerstone of our efforts to provide equal access for everyone who wishes to have a baby.

Our practice has helped many same-sex couples build their families through services like Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), reciprocal IVF/Co-mothering, sperm donation, egg donation and gestational carriers (surrogates).

Our fertility center is experienced in assisting same-sex couples build their families. One former patient kindly provided a thorough testimonial about her experience with Fertility Solutions:

"Living in the Boston area, we had our pick of fertility clinics. In fact, two clinics had offices closer to my home than Fertility Solutions. We chose Fertility Solutions anyway because of the appeal of female physicians and patient-centered care, and we are so happy we did. I know many people who have sought out the care of reproductive endocrinologists, but none of them had as much contact with their doctor as I had with Dr. Huang. She was almost always the one to call me with test results and explain my protocols. Between Dr. Huang, nurse Sandra Khirallah, and all of the doctors and nurses on call when the clinic was closed, I always knew I was a phone call away from an answer to any question.

My wife and I were always treated with respect and kindness, which was very important to us as a same-sex couple. And when our first two embryo transfers ended in miscarriage, everyone at Fertility Solutions offered us so much compassion. Dr. Huang called me personally almost immediately after she found out about the second one, which occurred after I had been discharged from her care -- not to talk about next steps, or to find out when I was coming back, but simply to say she was sorry. These women just get it. When our third transfer produced a healthy baby boy who is now 4 months old, I truly felt they were thrilled for us -- not as statistics, but as mothers. Another clinic may have also been able to help me achieve a successful pregnancy, but I don't believe I would have experienced the same level of care anywhere else. Given how emotionally draining this journey can be, I would not want to go through it with any other team. Thank you, Dr. Huang! Thank you, Fertility Solutions!"

We invite current and prospective patient to read more about LGBTQ family building on our blog and to learn more about our affordable care options for IUI, IVF and more.

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