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Do I Need a Second Opinion about My Infertility Diagnosis?

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Second opinion, Infertility diagnosis, Fertility treatment May 27, 2015

Are you considering seeking a second opinion for an infertility diagnosis?

When you’ve recently been diagnosed with a fertility concern, you’re faced with emotional and logistical questions as to what’s next – will you pursue the recommended course of treatment at your current clinic or practice, or will you seek a second opinion? Patients who decide to seek a second opinion on an infertility diagnosis usually do so because of the following reasons:

  • They have doubts about the accuracy of their diagnosis.
  • They are unsure if the recommended course of treatment is right for their situation and wish to explore other options elsewhere.
  • They personally want a second opinion in order to be 100% sure that their diagnosis is accurate.
  • They have financial concerns about the treatment plan at their current clinic.
  • Concerned that the feeling of trust and compassion from their provider could be enhanced.

If you are someone who is surprised or thrown off by infertility, that is, someone without knowledge of a previously existing medical condition that affects fertility, such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or premature menopause, it’s common to seek a second opinion. Many fertility patients wish to be absolutely sure of their diagnosis and treatment plan before investing time, energy and financial resources toward fertility treatment.

Getting a second opinion at Fertility Solutions

At Fertility Solutions, we’re happy to meet with any patient who is looking for a second opinion. Facing an infertility diagnosis is challenging, and we aim to provide ample support for those in need of additional testing or advice. We encourage those interested in a second opinion from Fertility Solutions to contact our offices today.

In addition to providing a second opinion regarding your fertility diagnosis, our dedicated team of fertility specialists can also:

  • Provide educational support to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Evaluate your current treatment plan and provide advice.
  • Advise on whether additional testing is needed in order to form an accurate diagnosis.
  • Provide a fertility treatment path that best suits your unique journey, your individual goals, and expectations as well as working within a budget.

The first weeks after learning you will require the help of a fertility specialist can be a difficult time. As you move ahead with plans to build your family, we encourage you to keep Fertility Solutions in mind as a source for a second opinion, should you find one necessary.

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