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Do I Need to Pick an Egg Donor Who Looks Like Me?

Posted in Egg Donation | Tagged Egg donation, Egg donor, Egg donation process, Fairfax Egg Bank, LGBTQ family building September 11, 2017

Choosing an egg donor to help build your family is a very important decision, and many growing families are unsure how to decide the factors they will weigh when making this choice.

Often, couples will choose someone who looks like they do, measuring traits such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, race, etc. This is certainly still the most common route while reviewing an egg donor database, but there are other factors to consider as well.

How to make your egg donor search a little easier
You certainly do not “need” an egg donor who closely resembles you or your partner. Many future parents are finding that it is both easier and less stressful to have a broader list of egg donor requirements instead of insisting on a donor who has a certain eye or hair color. When you have a list of definitive requirements for a donor, your selection can narrow, even from larger databases. Most fertility practices, egg donation agencies, and egg banks will encourage those searching for a donor to consider as broad a range of factors as possible so they are not too restricted.

What other factors should play a role in your decision process?
The information provided in an egg donor profile can vary, depending on which fertility practice, agency or egg bank you are using. Generally speaking, egg donor profiles include details on the donor’s age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, ethnicity, education level, career (if applicable), interests and hobbies, along with a photo. Some prospective parents are choosing to place equal importance on the potential donor’s interests, education level and hobbies over her physical appearance because they are looking for shared values. Of course, ultimately, it is up to every growing family to decide what is best for them.

Egg donation program at Fertility Solutions
Fertility Solutions is proud to offer egg donation services to our patients. Egg donation is used in cases of infertility and in LGBTQ family building. We are the exclusive regional provider for Fairfax Egg Bank in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Fairfax offers one of the country’s most expansive databases of egg donors.

We invite those who have questions about the egg donation process and how to find an egg donor to contact our practice. Our team will be happy to help ensure that your journey runs as smoothly as possible and that finding an egg donor remains a personal choice for your growing family.

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