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Dr. Huang Reflects on the RESOLVE NE Walk of Hope

Posted in Fertility Solutions, Fertility Doctors | Tagged Dr. Pei-Li Huang October 8, 2015

From Dr. Pei-Li Huang:

“Our mothers are the reason we are here.”

The RESOLVE NE Walk of Hope was very inspiring for many reasons. Although Team Fertility Solutions did not bring in the most donations, we were the only clinic who was represented by all of the physicians, and by every department.

Christine and Megan from Administration, Maryanne from Marketing, Sue from Nursing, and Gena from Embryology. We met former and current patients who came to show support not only for Team Fertility Solutions, but to also increase public awareness of infertility.

I brought my mother with me. She doesn’t always understand what it is that I do at work and why I must spend so many hours away from my family, but I thought that she would like to experience a small part of my life at work. I introduced her to one couple with the words: “Our mothers are the reason we are here.”

I meant that literally – that our mothers are the ones that give birth to us, but I also meant that my mother is the reason is the reason that I went into the field of infertility.

She herself had infertility and had one ovary removed in an attempt to treat the endometriosis that prevented her from conceiving. Back in the early and mid 1970’s, there was no IVF treatment for severe endometriosis, only surgery, Danazol, and high dose birth control pills. Eventually she had a hysterectomy after the hopes of having another child had faded. Being an only child has shaped my experiences of being a daughter and a mother.

I felt a thrill as I watched Elizabeth Carr, the first IVF baby born in the US, receive the "Infertility Hero Award" for being such a passionate ambassador for fertility patients. As she pointed out and thanked her mother, who was standing off to the side not wanting to take attention away from her daughter, I thought to myself: Her mother is the reason she is here. Shouldn’t we honor this person, the first US IVF patient ever, for being brave? For paving the way for the rest of us patients and doctors to be able to take this amazing journey together?

I wanted to meet this amazing pioneer, but alas, she became lost in a crowd of well wishers and supporters. One day I hope to meet Judith Carr. But I do have my own mother to thank for inspiring my career as a fertility doctor.

Read more about Fertility Solutions at the RESOLVE NE Walk of Hope.

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