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Dr. Moragianni Answers Questions on Grecian Echoes Radio Program

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Each month, Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni appears on a half-hour medical show on the Greek-American radio program "Grecian Echoes" and below, we've included the audio recording from Dr. Moragianni's time on the program in October and November of 2013. Both clips offer truly fascinating and important information from Dr. Moragianni regarding the commonly asked questions and concerns of couples and individuals who are considering seeking treatment for infertility issues.

Dr. Moragianni

We highly recommend that our patients, prospective patients, and followers listen to both clips in order to gain a deeper understanding of exactly what patients should pay attention to while attempting to conceive, general fertility treatment and care, IVF, and more. We also encourage those who listen to prepare any questions they may have throughout the program and to feel free to post these questions on the Fertility Solutions Facebook page before any upcoming shows. Dr. Moragianni will review these questions and potentially answer them during the next program. Patients and interested parties can also call into the program and ask a question anonymously.

The next show that Dr. Moragianni will appear on is scheduled for tomorrow, December 19th at 10:20AM EST. The majority of the show is in English, and listeners can tune in from anywhere in the world. Click here to listen: tunein.com/radio/Grecian-Echoes-p136639

The October '13 Grecian Echoes featuring Dr. Moragianni:

The November '13 Grecian Echoes featuring Dr. Moragianni:

Prospective patients and interested parties should also note that Fertility Solutions offers an International Patient Program that includes Skype and international telephone consultations with Dr. Moragianni.

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