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Employee Recognition Series: Ashlee Beckwith, Medical Assistant

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Ashlee Beckwith, Dr. Pei-Li Huang, Employee Recognition Series, Woburn December 2, 2013

Fertility Solutions is proud to announce the staff member who was chosen for December's Employee Recognition Initiative: Ashlee Beckwith, Medical Assistant **

Also known as "The Face of [Fertility Solutions] Woburn"

"Ashlee is awesome!" - comment from a November 2013 Patient Satisfaction Survey

Ashlee started her career in the fertility field as an OR tech at Fertility Centers of New England where she realized she had a real passion for this field and decided to earn her MA at the American Career Institute in order to become a medical assistant (2010). Ashlee joined Fertility Solutions shortly after graduating from ACI, and plans to attend North Shore Community College for a Nursing degree this January.

Ashlee Beckwith

"I love my job. I am lucky to have the opportunity to create a positive impact on people every day. From the time the patient walks in the, I try to make their experience as positive as possible by providing compassion, and creating a pleasant environment. It’s such a privilege to work in a field where we get to help make dreams come true for so many couples. It’s truly rewarding! I also enjoy the hands-on work with [the] amazing physicians at Fertility Solutions. It’s a pleasure working with every one of them." - Ashlee Beckwith

Dr. Pei-Li Huang, Owner and Physician at Fertility Solutions says, "Ashlee has gentle hands and an even kinder heart. She brightens the day of all she comes in contact with, from the patients who come in almost daily for blood work and the doctors who work with her. She shows a genuine compassion and has an encouraging and personal word for everyone she talks to.”

We'd like to thank Ashlee once more for her real, and genuine passion. Ashlee's continual drive to learn inspires us all, and we are grateful she is a part of the Fertility Solutions team.

Ashlee with Woburn's "Fertile Myrtle", the fish.
Fertile Myrtle is a true staple of our Woburn location
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