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Employee Recognition Series: Latonya Turner, Medical Assistant

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Dedham, Dr. Huang, Latonya Turner, Woburn January 9, 2015

Latonya Turner is a great asset to our team here at Fertility Solutions. Latonya began her career as a phlebotomist for 12+ years at the Beth Israel/Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA. Latonya joined Fertility Solutions this past summer, and has proven exemplary interpersonal skills. She works in our Dedham and Woburn locations.

Our patients “light up” when they encounter Latonya and her beautiful smile.

As a Medical Assistant at Fertility Solutions, I am rewarded everyday by our amazing patients and the very caring and dedicated staff I work with. The outstanding service Fertility Solutions provides creates endless possibilities for individuals and couples interested in building a family” - Latonya on Fertility Solutions

Latonya may be one of our newest employees but she is already a patient favorite. She never fails to give a personal compliment, a smile, and an sincere wish to have a great day to every single person she comes in contact with, including her fellow colleagues. It is a joy to work with someone with such a warm personality.” - Dr. Pei-Li Huang

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