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Employee Recognition Series: Meaghan Devlin, PACU Nurse and Egg Donor Coordinator

Posted in General | Tagged Employee Recognition Series, Meaghan Devlin, Fairfax Egg Bank April 1, 2019

“Meaghan is a wonderful nurse, who has a dual role at Fertility Solutions, in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit and as the Fairfax Donor Egg Coordinator. Meaghan is warm and caring and dedicated to her patient care. We and our patients are lucky to have her.” - Fertility Solutions Management

Meaghan had a different journey towards fulfilling her passion to be a nurse. In 1998, with a degree in finance from Union College, she began her career as a financial analyst, yet realized her interests lay elsewhere and decided to go back to school and earn her BSN from Simmons College.

Since receiving her BSN, Meaghan passionately entered her nursing career at MGH in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. In the meantime, Meaghan began her family building journey and after her first daughter, Abby, came to Fertility Solutions as a patient of Dr. Pei-Li Huang and achieved success with her second daughter, Paige, through IVF.

Because of her experience as a patient, Meaghan came to Fertility Solutions in January 2016 to assist Fertility Solutions in the PACU. Her kindness and understanding of the fertility journey have helped her to be successful with our patients. In 2018, Fertility Solutions extended the frozen egg donor option to our patients, and Meaghan has spearheaded this new project as the Fairfax Egg Donor Coordinator. She now splits her time between the PACU and coordination of the Fairfax Egg Program.

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