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Employee Recognition Series: Stephanie Bagtaz, Medical Assistant

Posted in General | Tagged Employee Recognition Series, Stephanie Bagtaz July 1, 2019

Stephanie Bagtaz is a Fertility Solutions' Medical Assistant in Dedham (our flagship location). Stephanie completed her Medical Assistant degree at the age of 26 when the opportunity to do so presented itself after a layoff in a former career -- “I was lucky to have the opportunity to go back to school at the age of 26 and obtain my Medical Assistant degree," says Stephanie.

After graduating, she began her Medical Assistant career with Signature Healthcare in their outpatient Cardiology Department and realized her true desire was to go into a Women’s Health specialty. In October 2018, a position at Fertility Solutions opened up and Stephanie was added to the nursing team. Stephanie’s goal is to obtain her RN degree and work in Labor and Delivery -- “the full circle of creating a family," she says.

Stephanie on Fertility Solutions: “I like that Fertility Solutions is centered around women. It’s owned and operated by women which, I think, is important to a lot of women who struggle with infertility or anything concerning with their reproductive system. As an all-female physician practice, I think talking with a female doctor about women's issues can be comforting.”

“Stephanie has been a wonderful addition to our team, she always has a smile to offer us and our patients.” - Fertility Solutions management

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