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The field of infertility is both challenging and rewarding. Physicians and staff strive to go above and beyond on a daily basis, working long hours and trying to give hope to those who come in with heavy hearts. Tears of joy and sadness can be seen in the same day - sometimes within hours of each other - and keeping balance, focus and compassion is part of the job.

There are moments, amazing moments when you realize the depth of the amazing things that happen when a couple goes through treatment - and emerge with a positive results. Sometimes, it was a lucky first try, other times it was after years of struggle. Either way, it elicits squeals of joy - and sometimes tears of joy - for the couple and the staff at the fertility center. These moments are what we are all working for - and towards -for each and every patient that comes through the doors at Fertility Solutions.

There are no words to tell you what this moment feels like for a patient who has worked so hard for these results, just as there are no words as to how it feels to be the doctor, nurse or medical assistant that has held the hand and helped the patient each step of the way. As a medical professional - it is indescribable joy that makes you feel honored to have been a part of a journey that will certainly change the course of someone’s life forever - but even that statement only scratches the surface.

Below are some photos provided to us by a former patient who graciously allowed us to be a part of her journey toward parenthood. Her success story, like each of the success stories from patients at Fertility Solutions, is as unique and amazing as she, we couldn’t be happier to share in her joy over the birth of her son following treatment.

“I tell anybody and everybody about the 4 outstanding doctors I found in RI. [The first photo] was taken about 4 hrs after birth. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz was 20 3/4 long. There are no words for how happy you made us. Thank you Dr Wold, you are a gift from above.” - C.W.

Over the holidays, we were honored and grateful to receive so many greetings and messages from our current and former patients, we love to share these commentaries because hope and happiness are infectious:

“My husband and I would like to extend our sincerest thank you to you for all you have done for us. When we were referred to you last June, we were distraught and lost, but thanks to the caring, compassion, and dedication you always gave, we were able to weather the trails of infertility with newfound hope. We can never express enough how appreciative we are for the level of kindness and professionalism we received from everyone at Fertility Solutions, and it is because of you all that we are on our journey to parenthood!! We are excitedly looking forward to welcoming our little one in May, and for this extraordinary gift, no amount of thanks will ever be enough. Thank you for all the ways you make this world a brighter one. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!” - G.C.B.

“Look how big our girls got! We think of you & Dr. Wold often, with much gratitude and appreciation of all you did for our family. The compassion and humor you ladies exude…made everything we went through so much easier. We’ll never forget you, as we watch our beautiful girls grow every day.”
- J.T.

“Thank you for continuously supporting our dreams and all that you do. We appreciate each and every one of you. Happy Holiday’s to you and your loved ones.”
- C.A.J.

To each and every person who has or is struggling with infertility - our thoughts are with you. Not every positive outcome is the same, but having a happy ending to your story is our goal. Happy New Year 2012!

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