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Fertility Solution’s December Patient Seminar Summary Hosted by Dr. Kowalik

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Each month Fertility Solutions hosts a FREE Patient Seminar. The seminar is an opportunity for potential patients to meet one of our physicians, discuss treatment options, review financial programs, learn about Fertility Solutions goals, and enjoy a complete tour our facility.

Dr. Ania Kowalik hosted the December seminar

This month, Dr. Ania Kowalik discussed tubal reversals as a fertility option. Tubal Reversal is a viable option to restore fertility to women after a tubal ligation. By rejoining the separated segments of the fallopian tubes, tubal reversal may give women the chance to become pregnant again. When the “tubes are tied”, the doctor performing the procedure uses one of the following options to close the fallopian tubes: clipping or banding them shut, cutting and removing a section of the tube or, burning them closed.

Any of these methods can be surgically reversed. The question is: Who is a candidate for a reversal?

Each patient and each situation is unique. Characteristics that are reviewed with your doctor prior to the decision are: maternal age, menstrual cycle regularity and male fertility factor (sperm count and motility). Drs. Carol Anania and Ania Kowalik perform tubal reversals at the Newton Wellesley Hospital in a day surgery environment.

Fertility Solutions offers a Tubal Reversal Package of $7800. The success rates for tubal ligation are comparable to the IVF option (based upon maternal age).

Please join us next month, January 22 at 7PM for an opportunity to discuss your fertility choices with our own Dr. Moragianni.

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