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Fertility Solutions: Experts in Third-Party Reproduction

Posted in General | Tagged May 30, 2014

Fertility Solutions was founded by a team of award-winning female physicians with decades of experience. Couples considering third party reproduction are navigated through this complex process by physicians and staff with vast knowledge and experience in the use of donor sperm, donor egg, donor embryos and surrogacy.

Fertility Solutions has their own in-house donor egg program with pre-screened egg donors, as well as an affiliation with Fairfax Egg Bank. In 2013, Fertility Solutions reported an 88% success rate for donor egg IVF cycles. In addition, Fertility Solutions physicians and staff have worked closely with local and national donor sperm banks and surrogacy agencies, and are able to guide patients through the medical and legal process of pregnancy though donation or surrogacy.

There are many reasons why a patient may need to or choose to use third party reproduction, and Fertility Solutions physicians and staff are sensitive to those needs. Caring for patients with infertility, same-sex couples and single women, Fertility Solutions strives to bring affordable, compassionate care to patients while utilizing some of the most advanced techniques available in reproductive medicine today. From the state-of-the art IVF lab to the soothing, calm environment in any one of our five locations, Fertility Solutions has been the solution to building a family for thousands of patients.

If you or someone you love is considering third-party reproduction, call the experts at Fertility Solutions for a consultation at 888-813-0159 or visit www.fertilitysolutionsne.com.

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