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Fertility Solutions Named as LIVESTRONG Fertility Program Partner

Posted in General | Tagged LIVESTRONG Fertility Program Partner, LIVESTRONG, Cancer, Fertility preservation, Egg freezing April 8, 2019

Fertility Solutions has been selected as a LIVESTRONG Fertility program partner. Joining the nearly 600 centers across 48 states that offer discounted services to cancer survivors through this program, Fertility Solutions will add to the $17 million dollars that LIVESTRONG Fertility has already saved cancer survivors in fertility preservation expenses since 2004.

Formerly known as Fertile Hope, LIVESTRONG Fertility provides reproductive information, support, and financial assistance to cancer survivors who seek to preserve fertility or plan for a family after undergoing medical treatments that present a risk to fertility. The program also provides free stimulation medication for women in partnership with a pharmaceutical company. Additionally, LIVESTRONG Fertility works to expand the current options available to cancer survivors by creating partnerships with reproductive endocrinologists and fertility centers around the nation.

“We are proud to be named as a LIVESTRONG Fertility program partner. This partnership will help us to further support those in our community who are affected by cancer,” notes Fertility Solutions' Management. “We share the LIVESTRONG’s’s enthusiasm and commitment to helping those diagnosed with cancer to have a family, regardless of financial means. Together, we hope to make a profound difference in the lives of survivors and their families in our area.”

Anyone affected by cancer can apply prior to the start of cancer treatment to receive discounted services at any of LIVESTRONG’s partnered centers. Last year, 1,568 individuals were approved to receive discounts, and more than 8,000 have been approved since the program began in 2004.

“Through LIVESTRONG Fertility and all of its other programs and services, LIVESTRONG aims to empower individuals in their community to take control of their cancer journey and help them plan for life after cancer,” said Aditi Narayan, LIVESTRONG Foundation Program Manager.

For more information about the LIVESTRONG Fertility program, visit LIVESTRONG.org/fertility.

About the LIVESTRONG Foundation
LIVESTRONG fights to improve the lives of people affected by cancer now. For 20 years, LIVESTRONG has been a voice for cancer survivors and has directly served almost 4 million people. A pioneer in the field of survivorship, LIVESTRONG is a world leader in providing direct services to cancer patients and survivors, advocating for policies that enhance quality of life and developing partnerships that create access to cancer programs across the country. Since 2007, the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program has made a return to fitness and well-being possible for nearly 50,000 survivors in almost 600 YMCA locations. Working with The University of Texas’ Dell Medical School, LIVESTRONG is building the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes to reinvent and redesign cancer care for and with people affected by cancer.

If anyone you know needs cancer support, please visit LIVESTRONG.org/WeCanHelp. For more information about our programs and services, please visit LIVESTRONG.org.

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