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Fertility Solutions Newsletter: July 2013

Posted in General | Tagged July 9, 2013

The Fertility Solutions newsletter, Conceivable Solutions, focuses on various fertility related topics including medical advances, lifestyle choices, news about our practice, special events and more. Excerpts from the July 2013 Fertility Solutions’ newsletter have been highlighted below:

Fatigue and You: Is it Normal?

After a long day, fatigue is a normal symptom that tells us it is time to rest. Fatigue is that all-familiar feeling of tiredness that can strike after a stressful day or periods of high physical or emotional activity. Normal fatigue should be relieved by rest, if it is not, it may actually be a symptom of a problem in your body. Read more »

Sneaky Toxins: Three Common Substances to Avoid During Pregnancy

As technology advances and research studies are carried out, science is telling us what we should take in to say healthy and what we should avoid to remain that way. While it can feel frustrating that what you thought was good for you one day may be labeled as "bad" the next, it is crucial to learn about the substances around you and avoid what can impact your healthy negatively. Read more »

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