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Fertility Solutions Newsletter: September 2011

Posted in Our Newsletter: Conceivable Solutions | Tagged Conceivable Solutions, Fertility Newsletter, Fertility Solutions Newsletter, infertility March 22, 2012

The Fertility Solutions newsletter, Conceivable Solutions, focuses on various fertility related topics including medical advances, lifestyle choices, news about our practice, special events and more. Excerpts from the September 2011 Fertility Solutions’ newsletter have been highlighted below:

Why 40 Isn't the New 30 When You're Trying to Conceive
We’ve heard it again and again. Thirty is the new twenty, forty is the new thirty. With longer life expectancy, older age for retirement, improved healthcare and even products that help us defy the look of aging it’s easy to see why we seem a decade younger than we actually are... Read More >>

The Healing Power of Hobbies
When asked how to stay healthy, many of us would answer, "Eat right, exercise, see your doctor annually and take your vitamins." While all of that holds true, add "enjoying your hobbies" to that list... Enjoying your hobbies can bust that disease-causing stress, helping you relax, unwind and find some balance. Read More >>

Infertility: A Team Approach
With 1 in 7 couples suffering from infertility it's good to remember that you are not alone, although there are times during the infertility journey that you may feel just that. Marriages can suffer from the stress and sadness stemming from the longing for a family. However, infertility is a couple's problem, not yours or your partner's problem alone. Read More >>

Free Online Patient Seminar
The internet can be a powerful and empowering tool for patients to gather information about infertility and the most up to date treatments available. It also helps connect patients and their families with others who may be suffering from the same condition, share stories, and even offer suggestions on what did or did not work for them. Imagine if you could ask questions and get answers in real time from board-certified physicians? Read More >>

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