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Fertility Solution’s September Patient Seminar Summary Hosted by Dr. Anania (Part 1 of 2)

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Last month, Fertility Solutions held a very informative and fun afternoon of interactive discussion on various fertility topics. It was led by Dr. Carol Anania who answered a number of questions from the attendees.

What are my options if I/we need either sperm or egg donation?

This is a common discussion in the fertility process and is unique to each patient and patient choice. The use of third party reproductive options is vast and can be very rewarding.

Sperm donation can come from many sources. At your fertility consultation, the options that would best work for your personal experience will be presented. Some of the common options include sperm donation from a male known to you (fresh or frozen) or choosing anonymous frozen sperm from a sperm bank.

Egg Donation has become a growing option due to dramatically improved egg freezing techniques; there has been a shift in the traditional paradigm of egg donation options. In 2012, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lifted the “experimental status” on egg freezing. Recipients can now choose between fresh or frozen donor eggs. Whether fresh or frozen the prospective donors are subjected to the same comprehensive and rigorous standards mandated by the FDA and as recommended by ASRM.

Our next seminar date will be held on Monday, October 21. For more information, contact Fertility Solutions.

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