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Fertility Solution’s September Patient Seminar Summary Hosted by Dr. Anania (Part 2 of 2)

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Last month, Fertility Solutions held a very informative and fun afternoon of interactive discussion on various fertility topics. It was led by Dr. Carol Anania who answered a number of questions from the attendees, including:

What should I do to prepare for my fertility consultation?

In preparation for your fertility treatment consultation, the more information that we have to review, the better prepared we will be to fully discuss your individual fertility plan. We highly encourage all parties involved to participate in the initial consult as well as completing our online patient survey, forwarding all medical records for any party involved in the process, and preparing yourself with any and all questions that you may have to encourage a clear and transparent discussion with your fertility doctor.

Fertility Solutions was born from the concept that each patient is an individual and each story is unique. Our goal is to offer the most frequent and direct contact with your physician. Our staff is knowledgeable about each patient and ready to assist you in your journey. A recent patient wrote:

“I would like to thank Dr. Anania and the entire staff at Fertility Solutions for the dedicated care and positive support they provided during multiple rounds of IVF. What I appreciated the most was Dr. Anania's ability to communicate information so that we could weigh the pros & cons of each decision. She was always optimistic yet realistic in her analysis. Thankfully we are now blessed with a 2 month old baby girl! This would not have been possible without Fertility Solutions.” - D.J.

Our next seminar date will be held on Monday, October 21. For more information, contact Fertility Solutions.

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