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Fertility Solutions Supports the Military with IVF Advantage Plans, Discounts and Egg Freezing

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged IVF advantage plan, Military IVF Advantage Plan, egg freezing, fertility financing, military discount May 20, 2015

As we approach Memorial Day, the team behind Fertility Solutions looks to honor and celebrate the lives of those who serve in the U.S. military. Memorial Day is a special time to remember those who’ve served, and we’ve worked hard to support those current military members and veterans who are in need of fertility treatment.

Regardless of whether a fertility issue is present due to a medical condition, if it occurred because of an injury during deployment, or if you are simply interested in preserving your fertility pre-deployment, Fertility Solutions offers affordable options for armed service members.

Memorial Day – Labor Day Military Promotion
In honor of those who serve our country, Fertility Solutions is proud to offer a 10% off discount on IVF and IUI treatment services, not covered by insurance, starting this Memorial Day (May 25, 2015) and concluding on Labor Day (September 7, 2015). Please note: This discount of 10% off applies to all services for military veterans and active duty members that are not covered by Tricare or USFHP.

Services under this promotional discount will need to be paid for in full before September 7, 2015, and will need to be completed by December 31st, 2015. Please contact Fertility Solutions to learn about our latest military discount.

Military IVF Advantage Plan

Being in need of fertility treatment, such as IVF, can come as a surprise to those who expected to conceive without the help of a fertility specialist. One of the goals of our practice is to ease the patient experience in any way we can, including providing affordable treatment services and financing options to lessen any stress you may feel on your journey to becoming a parent.

Fertility Solutions offers four IVF Advantage Plans in order to offer patients an affordable option with the best possible chance of conception. One of these plans, the IVF Military Advantage Plan, is a discounted IVF payment plan that includes in-cycle ultrasounds, egg retrieval and embryo transfer, in-house laboratory services and more, with no age limit. This plan was designed as a way to show our sincere appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice displayed by members of our armed services.

*Please note: Those who wish to utilize our IVF Military Advantage Plan must be active members of the U.S. military with TriCare benefits.

Fertility Preservation

For pre-deployment service members, the potential for injury during deployment is a difficult reality. Injuries that affect a person’s fertility can be a risk, and although there are often treatment options available to help a couple or individual conceive, some military members choose to address this potential risk head-on by preserving their fertility before deploying.

At Fertility Solutions, we offer egg freezing for female patients. Egg freezing, also referred to as fertility preservation, is steadily gaining in popularity as an option for women who wish to have a family but are not yet in a position or ready to do so, whether for career or personal reasons. Egg freezing is also an option for female members of the military as a way to help ensure your future family after you’ve completed your service. Our affordable egg freezing options were designed to offer women more choices when it comes to family building, and we’ve worked to extend these options to all women, including service members.

Military Financing
Fertility Solutions works with EMD Serono, a financing service that provides its own ‘Compassionate Care Program’ for self-pay patients, offering a 3-tier discount structure based on patient income. All military veterans receive a 25% discount under the Compassionate Care Program. Contact Fertility Solutions’ financial specialists to learn more about you financing options.

This Memorial Day, we hope you’ll join us in saying “thank you” to those who once served, and another “thank you” to those who serve us now.

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