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Five Things That Will Surprise You about Fertility Treatment

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility treatment, OBGYN, Male factor fertility, Lifestyle factors, Injections October 24, 2017

Patients come to Fertility Solutions with different expectations of what the fertility treatment process will entail. Some patients come full of questions, with an abundance of research on hand to help guide their visit, while other patients prefer a less hands-on approach, and are comfortable to be entirely guided by their clinic of choice.

Both routes are completely normal; everyone is different, and fertility treatment is not a one-size fits all process.

Even with preparation, you may be surprised by some aspects of fertility treatment. Your Fertility Solutions provider and staff are always ready to answer your questions, but we do hope the following information will make the road to parenthood a little easier.

  1. Even after a positive pregnancy test, you may still visit with Fertility Solutions – The first four to eight weeks of a pregnancy is a time frame in which patients may still attend appointments at our practice. We may wish to continue to monitor your progress before referring you back to an OB/GYN’s care.
  2. Needles may become second nature – A discomfort around needles is common, but fertility treatment often requires injections on a regular basis. Many patients who express initial fear of or discomfort over needles find they adjust quickly to the process simply because it is required for successful treatment. Not everyone is a fan at the end of the day, but the element of fear is removed.
  3. You’ll face one decision after another – Even with guidance and recommendations from your fertility doctor, it’s ultimately up to patients to accept their treatment plan and move forward. Patients are encouraged to reach out to Fertility Solutions with their concerns, whether they are second-guessing next steps or stuck between two options.
  4. Lifestyle changes may be recommended prior to treatment – Your overall health, including weight, is a factor in the success of fertility treatment. Patients who are under- or overweight may be asked to alter their lifestyle, particularly diet and exercise, in order to improve their ability to conceive.
  5. Male factor fertility could impact a treatment plan – Infertility cases in the U.S. are evenly split among female factor infertility, male factor infertility and unexplained infertility. Patients may not consider whether the male partner is responsible, as female-centric fertility concerns are so prevalent in our culture.
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