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Five Ways to Make Your IVF Cycle a Little Easier

Posted in IVF | Tagged IVF treatment November 30, 2017

Starting an IVF cycle can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, as a patient of Fertility Solutions, you will experience the supportive, compassionate care all fertility patients deserve.

Our practice is dedicated to ensuring that patients never feel like a number, and we want you to know at all times that your family-building goals are our priority.

IVF is certainly a process, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make the journey a little easier. Fertility Solutions physicians and staff work with patients undergoing IVF every day, so we’re happy to provide advice and support whenever possible.

Five ways to make IVF a little easier

1. Track your questions and concerns as you go. This way, you’ll be able to address these points with your physician during appointments or between next steps. Many patients find it helpful to keep a dedicated IVF notebook or log their thoughts through apps on their phones.
2. Plan trips outside of the IVF cycle to reduce stress and lower the risk of schedule conflicts. IVF treatment requires a number of in-person appointments that are very important to attend on schedule.
3. Talk to your physician about exercise during treatment in order to avoid unnecessary strain or discomfort. Medications and injections used during IVF can cause bloating that makes exercise difficult. You may also feel fatigued, prone to headaches or possibly dizzy at times. If these symptoms persist or worsen, please contact your physician.
4. Plan for downtime during appointments. Bring a book, music, podcasts or other activity that can occupy your time while you are waiting. Being idle can be peaceful for some patients, but for others it can lead to stress.
5. Consider how you want to spend the two-week waiting period between concluding treatment and learning whether the cycle was a success. Some patients enjoy making larger to-do lists filled with fun activities to help pass the time, while others may want to take the time to relax and de-stress after their cycle is complete. This is entirely your choice, but we recommend considering what will work best to help you pass the time without adding anxiety.

Ultimately, we hope you remember that we are 100% on your side throughout this process – from start to finish. You are never just a number to our team, and our physicians and nurses have the experience to guide you. For questions about IVF treatment, please contact our office today.

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