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Free Fertility Seminar at Fertility Solutions – August 2013

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An Intimate & Thought-Provoking Discussion on Infertility

On August 14, 2013, Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni hosted a seminar at the Fertility Solutions office in Dedham, Massachusetts to discuss various topics on infertility and the treatments she and her colleagues are using to help women and couples achieve their dream of having a baby. The seminar was an informal, face-to-face gathering that answered a number of questions regarding a wide variety of topics. Some of the questions asked during the seminar included:

  • What is an IUI?

  • What supplements should I be taking as I am trying to conceive?

  • What are the options available for couples after the male has had a vasectomy?

  • What about a tubal ligation reversal? Who is a viable candidate? Is IVF an option after a tubal reversal?

Stay tuned for future blog posts where we will share the answers to each of these questions.

We also took time to pose our own question to the participants. We asked, “What is the most important determining factor in your selection of a fertility center?

  1. Success Rates: We at Fertility Solutions are very proud of our fertility success rates and you can find our most recent rates posted on our website. These rates definitely speak to our physicians’ expertise, our individualized approach of patients, and possibly most importantly the outstanding quality of our embryology laboratory. If you want to inquire about any center in the country you can visit the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) website sart.org and click on the center or state of interest.

  2. Communication with My Doctor/Friendly Staff: Fertility Solutions was born from the concept that each patient is an individual and each story is unique. Our goal is to offer the most frequent and direct contact with your physician. Our staff is knowledgeable about each patient and ready to assist you on your journey. But perhaps what can capture our philosophy most accurately are patient testimonials, such as this one: “I felt you were all focused on what was best for me and what I wanted to do. You were so personal and positive and supportive and as a result I was calm and stress free throughout the IVF process. I really think my anxiety free state of mind helped me to get pregnant with twins on the first IVF try! Thank you again for all that you did for our family.” - JL

    The Q&A session provided by the staff at Fertility Solutions was insightful and helped to inform the participants as to the procedures involved in providing help and hope to patients. The seminar lasted for 1 ½ hours and concluded with a tour of the state-of-the-art Dedham fertility center.

    For more information on infertility treatments, sign up for our next free fertility seminar!

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