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Free Fertility Seminar Re-cap: January 19th with Dr. Moragianni & Kristen Darcy

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Kristen Darcy & Dr. Moragianni

Each month, Fertility Solutions offers a free fertility seminar. During our January seminar we had the pleasure of hosting guest speaker, Kristen Darcy, author of Love and Fertility. Kristen added a new dynamic to our group’s discussion on of the impact of what it means to receive a fertility diagnosis. Some questions that seminar attendees asked include:

How can I not get depressed in the process?

What can we do to make sure the process is smooth?

Kristen emphasized communication between partners and keeping an open understanding toward how each person handles life’s challenges. An important idea that was made during the seminar suggested that everyone should create a daily “What I am happy for…” list to remind us of all that has been accomplished in our lives and what we are grateful for – even during tough times.

From Fertility Solutions point of view, we suggest that patient education is the key to understanding your diagnosis, and we will work with you to create a smooth journey for every individual or couple. Our Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists have created a clinic’s whose focus is “all about the patient”. This philosophy is apparent from your very first call to Fertility Solutions which will be received by a person, not a machine. We are always available to our patients.

Maryanne Gaffney, Dr. Moragianni & Laura Palmatier

Other questions discussed during the seminar include:

What is the timeline from start to finish?

The process begins with a consultation with one of our four female physicians. During this consult, a plan will be established for your journey to parenthood. Since each individual and couple is unique, the steps through fertility testing and treatment will be different for each situation. Though, on average, after the consult, the IVF process can be completed in 10 – 12 weeks.

Is Fertility Solutions LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, we at Fertility Solutions believe that every person has the right to “build a family” and we are highly supportive of the LGBTQ community.

Why is Fertility Solutions different from the competition?

Our goal at Fertility Solutions is to provide a personal experience for each person who is on the path to creating a family. We are very proud of our personalized attention to each patient and, of course, our success rates. However, one aspect of Fertility Clinics that is often overlooked is our in-house IVF laboratory - our IVF Lab Director, Mike Lee, created our nationally renowned ART laboratory with a focus on success for our patients. One distinctive addition to our lab is the micro incubator. The micro incubator creates a singular environment for the growing embryos.

Additionally, during our free patient seminar, we offered a tour of the Dedham, MA facility where our IVF laboratory resides.

We love hosting patient seminars and we hope others will take advantage of our monthly offer in the future.

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