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Free Fertility Seminar Re-cap: March 1st with Dr. Ania Kowalik

Posted in Free Fertility Seminar | Tagged IUI, Dr. Ania Kowalik, Egg Freezing March 4, 2016

What a great turnout! Thank you to all who attended our March 1st free fertility education seminar hosted by Dr. Ania Kowalik.

Our recent seminar covered a wide variety of topics relating to fertility education and treatment, and we specifically addressed common concerns and questions regarding IUI, or intrauterine insemination and egg freezing.

We've re-capped some of the top Q&As from our last seminar below:

What is IUI, and what is the cost of a non-monitored IUI?
At Fertility Solutions, we offer several options for our patients who are seeking fertilization through an IUI. An IUI is the process of placing the sperm inside a woman’s uterus (timed to coincide with ovulation) to increase the chance of fertilization. The semen is obtained by a male partner/donor or a sperm bank. We offer a package of $750 which includes 3 IUI cycles (non-medicated) for the price of two. We invite you to learn more about our affordable IUI packages.

What is a monitored/medicated IUI Cycle?
A woman is given medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs. This medication is Clomid. Ultrasounds and blood work are used to monitor the woman’s cycle. Our monitored IUI package of $2500 includes 3 monitored IUI cycles for the price of two. We invite you to learn more about our affordable IUI packages.

What are the preparations for the sperm prior into the uterus?
The semen is “washed” in our in-house, nationally renowned laboratory. The goal of sperm washing is to separate the components of sperm into a concentrated, highly motile volume.

Does an IUI hurt?
The procedure, when performed correctly, feels like a Pap smear.


What is the process of egg freezing, or fertility preservation?
The process of egg freezing is similar to that of a traditional IVF cycle, except your eggs are not fertilized until you are ready. First, your doctor will administer fertility medications that stimulate your ovaries with hormones and cause them to release more eggs. This generally allows multiple eggs to reach maturation during a single treatment cycle.

Next, your doctor will perform a minor surgical procedure under light anesthesia to harvest the eggs and prepare them for freezing. There are no incisions and the procedure lasts only about 20 minutes. Once harvested, Fertility Solutions uses a process called vitrification (flash freezing) to freeze the eggs quickly before any ice crystals can form, which can ruin the cell structure. This allows for a higher success rate when compared to the traditional slow-freeze method. The goal of the egg retrieval procedure is to collect and freeze about 15 eggs in order to have a successful chance of conception during IVF (when the decision to have a child is made). All egg freezing procedures are performed by a doctor in our calming office environment rather than a hospital.

Our next Free Fertility Educational Seminar will be held on March 31st at 6:30pm with Dr. Carol Anania at our Dedham, MA location. Please RSVP for this seminar today.

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