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Free Fertility Seminar Re-cap: May 18th with Dr. Ania Kowalik

Posted in Free Fertility Seminar | Tagged Dr. Ania Kowalik, IUI, IVF, insurance coverage May 19, 2016

What a great turnout! Thank you to all who attended our May 18th free fertility education seminar in Dedham, MA hosted by Dr. Ania Kowalik. The comradery and communication between all present was educational as well as supportive.

Our discussion during the May 18th seminar mainly focused on the steps patients need to take in order to decide which course of fertility treatment is best for their individual situation. We've recapped a summary of this discussion below:

• A consultation is scheduled with one of our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists who will be your personal guide through the journey to parenthood. During your consultation, past medical records of both partners are reviewed, and hormone level blood work and an ultrasound of the uterus will be scheduled.
• After reviewing the results and your family building goals, a course of treatment will be determined.
• If IUI is decided, the choice to trigger egg release with Clomid or simply coordinating the uterine insemination can be determined. IUI is an affordable choice for those who are not sure if they are ready or need IVF. Fertility Solutions offers very competitive packages for IUI treatment.
• If IVF is decided, the cycle monitoring/egg stimulation begins. Within the month of the “cycle” (which is the same as the traditional period cycle) the eggs will be retrieved, fertilized and implanted within the uterus.

Please note: Our goal is to create one healthy baby per pregnancy. As the female patient ages, the number of embryos to be implanted can be increased after a thorough review of all health risks to mommy and baby.

Our Financial Guru, Laura Palmatier, reviewed what patients should be asking their insurance company to determine coverage.

• Is the insurance plan fully insured?
• What is the “benefit” offered for infertility?
• Is IUI covered? (CPT codes: S8322 and S4035)
• Is IVF covered? (CPT code: S4015)
• Is there a deductible?
• Do I have coinsurance?
• Is there a life time maximum on this plan?
• Are there any infertility exclusions in this plan?
• What medical and physical criteria need to be met for coverage?

Our goal is to educate potential patients in the areas of treatment options, financial options and the different options in each fertility center. We are very proud of our comprehensive and patient-focused treatments and our financial transparencies.

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