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Free Fertility Seminar Re-Cap: October 29th With Dr. Carol Anania

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Free Fertility Seminar, Secondary infertility, Fertility Preservation, Egg Freezing November 6, 2015

Thank you to all attendees who joined us at our last Free Fertility Educational Seminar. Each fertility seminar is individually designed to meet the needs of those in attendance. The main topics of our seminar held on October 29th included: Fertility Preservation and Secondary Infertility.

When should I begin to think about my fertility age?
Your fertility age most often is correlated with your birth year. Both Males and females begin fertility in their teens. Once a girl beings her “period” cycles, the reproductive years begin and are usually completed during menopause. Women are born with all of their eggs, whereas men can continue to produce sperm. Fertility begins to decline in women as they age because the actual number of eggs decrease during each menstrual cycle.

For women who have decided to hold off on family building, Elective Egg Freezing is now an option. Once a woman has decided to wait to have children, is time to meet with a Fertility Specialist and discuss your future goals for family planning.

What is Secondary Infertility?
Secondary infertility occurs after a successful pregnancy or pregnancies without ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) occur, but the patients is then unable to achieve another successful pregnancy. The causes of secondary infertility often are related to certain factors that have changed with you or your partner. Some of these factors include: maternal age, pelvic/tubal factors, male infertility and life style issues (weight, medication). To determine the cause, a consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist is advised. During this visit, a comprehensive medical review of both you and your partner will be discussed and a plan will be designed to determine the best course of action based upon your family building options.

Our next Free Fertility Educational Seminar will be held on November 30th at 6pm with Dr. Ania Kowalik at our Providence, RI location. Please RSVP for this seminar today.

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