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Get to Know Your Fertility Specialist: Dr. Carol Anania

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Dr. Carol Anania February 10, 2015

Dr. Carol Anania, Partner and Founder of Fertility Solutions, was kind enough to offer her time to answer a few questions about how her interest in the field of fertility first developed, her work with colleagues at Fertility Solutions, and how she spends her time outside of the center. Get to know Dr. Anania by reading her responses below.

Did you always know that you wanted to be a fertility doctor?

I knew from my first rotation in Labor and Delivery as a medical student that OB/GYN was the field of medicine that I wanted to specialize in. As part of my OB/GYN residency, I worked in an IVF lab and after seeing my first amazing “egg” under the microscope and watching the progression to the point of a pregnancy, there was no doubt what I wanted to do.

What about working in the fertility specialty appeals to you most?

I enjoy meeting people from all cultural backgrounds and life experiences. I think it is important to get to know those individuals and couples that I work with to better be able to guide them through a process that at times can be stressful, but ultimately very rewarding.

What’s your favorite part about your daily work?

Working with colleagues and staff members at our center. It is with everyone’s combined effort, working as a team, that enables me to be able to make the special calls at the end of treatments that will impact and change people’s lives forever.

And lastly, how do you spend your free time?

I love the outdoors and all that comes with it. I have been skiing for most of my life, and with my family, I began rock climbing and wake surfing a number of years ago. I love to travel, photograph and explore the different activities and people that countries around the world have to offer. With all that being said, another favorite pastime, is simply being at home with my family, a favorite book/or show and our dog, Dylan.

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