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Get To Know Your Fertility Specialist: Dr. Pei-Li Huang

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions, General | Tagged Dr. Pei-Li Hung August 5, 2014

Dr. Pei-Li Huang was kind enough to offer some of her time to answer a few questions about how her path led to working in the field of fertility, her work at Fertility Solutions, and how she spends her time outside of the center. Get to know Dr. Huang by reading her responses below:

Did you always know that you wanted to be a fertility doctor?

Yes, my first clinical rotation as a medical student was in obstetrics and gynecology at Boston City Hospital. Even though it was quite overwhelming to start off at such a busy place, I received such positive feedback from patients who were grateful to have a female provider. It really encouraged my thoughts toward-specializing in women’s health.

How did you find yourself working in the fertility field?

I have been extremely lucky to be inspired by some wonderful physician teachers and mentors who are passionate about clinical research. During my 4th year of medical school I went to Bethesda, Maryland to do a rotation at the National Institutes of Health in Endocrinology, which is the study of hormones. I was fascinated by all the rare disorders which were studied by researchers at the NIH that were conducting clinical trials. Later, during residency training at the Beth Israel Hospital one of my professors encouraged me to do a research project involving exercise- induced menstrual disorders.

Finally, I realized my own life story may have contributed to the desire to help women conceive. My mother had endometriosis and after giving birth to me, her only child, she had secondary infertility. At that time treatment options were limited. Now we have so much more to offer.

What about working in the fertility specialty appeals to you most?

This specialty allows me to practice all aspects of medicine: surgery, psychology, clinical medicine and research.

What’s your favorite part about your daily work?

I enjoy interacting with patients during the ultrasound monitoring that we do at the various offices. I like being able to meet almost every patient in the practice.

What new technology or advances excites you the most?

New cryopreservation techniques have increased the survival rate of frozen eggs and embryos, preserving a women’s options to extend her reproductive window.

And lastly, how do you spend your free time?

Whenever I can I either read fiction or play the piano. I also take lessons and perform as an amateur chamber musician and solo pianist.

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