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How to Review Fertility Solutions Online

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Online review September 9, 2015

Fertility Solutions is proud to offer every patient a comprehensive range of fertility testing and treatment which results in an optimal patient experience.

We realize that an infertility diagnosis may be a very stressful time in your life and that you and your partner will face many important decisions about treatment plans, fertility medications, financing and more. Our goal from the very first consultation to the happy ending of a positive pregnancy test is to offer a completely satisfying experience for both partners.

Sometimes the best resource for those who are new to the fertility community or who have just received an infertility diagnosis is feedback from former fertility patients. It can be extremely helpful to hear from others who have undergone a treatment plan at your chosen facility. Additionally, Fertility Solutions always appreciates the feedback we receive from patients. We are constantly looking to improve any way we can, especially if it means making the journey to parenthood a bit easier on our patients.

How to review us online – it’s easy!
Most online review websites only require that you have an account with their service in order to rate our practice and leave a review detailing your thoughts. We hope that patients will be honest, but we also respect your privacy at all times, so please only share what you feel comfortable including in your review.

Leave Fertility Solutions a review on Yelp:
• If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create a Yelp account.
• Visit our Yelp profile.
• Rate Fertility Solutions out of 5 stars and leave a review.

Leave Fertility Solutions a review on GooglePlus:
• If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create a Gmail account.
• Visit our GooglePlus profile.
• Rate Fertility Solutions out of 5 stars and leave a review.

What if I wasn’t satisfied with my experience? What can I do?

While we always strive to provide a satisfactory patient experience, we realize that this may not always be the case for every single patient. No matter the concern, we at Fertility Solutions sincerely hope that you will contact our office directly in order to resolve any issues you may have. We encourage you to reach out to our office at your earliest convenience so we can work toward a resolution and continue our relationship. You can reach our office (toll free) by calling 781.326.2451 or by filling out a simple online contact form.

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