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How to Stay Organized During Fertility Treatment

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility treatment September 18, 2017

Everyone’s path to parenthood can differ, and those undergoing fertility treatment to build their families can face additional logistical hurdles in the process. Doctor’s appointments, injection schedules, research, questions for your fertility specialist, testing, procedure dates, ultrasounds and more can quickly fill up a calendar.

We understand exactly how these obligations can turn into something overwhelming and difficult to stay on top of, which is why Fertility Solutions has provided the guide below with helpful tips on how to stay organized during fertility treatment.

Mark your calendar ASAP
It’s tempting to think, “I’ll remember,” but the responsibilities of everyday life are already challenging enough without the addition of fertility treatment. We have found that patients who make it a point to immediately mark their calendar (whether it’s a digital or a hard-copy planner) are at the very least able to address potential scheduling issues earlier and plan accordingly. It can be deeply frustrating to miss an appointment or injection because of a simple misstep. We sympathize with patients on this matter, and we recommend incorporating a calendar into your routine if you have not already. Calendars can also easily assist with daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists, including items pertaining to treatment.

Prepare for appointments
Many patients report that they remember or think of questions only after an appointment has already taken place. Although we always encourage patient outreach for questions/concerns, it can save time and be helpful to all parties to come to an appointment prepared. Many patients will create a list of questions, issues and concerns before their appointment and bring it to our office to share with their fertility doctor.

There’s an app for that
There are many apps you can download to your mobile phone to assist with fertility treatment. It’s very important that you check with your fertility specialist before relying on any one app, so he or she can confirm that the app is applicable to your situation. There are apps available to assist with everything from ovulation monitoring to in vitro fertilization.

Please keep in mind that your Fertility Solutions providers are more than happy to assist with any issues you are having during testing and treatment. We hope you will contact us as a first step so we can offer assistance.

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