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How Young Women Can Care for Their Fertility

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility, Female fertility, Female age, STD, Fertility testing, Menstruation January 21, 2020

For many young women, taking care of their fertility isn’t a top priority unless they are actively trying to get pregnant. However, even if you’re not planning on conceiving anytime soon, taking charge of your fertility health while you’re younger is beneficial for both the present as well as the future – not only will it help you later down the road should you ever choose to start building a family, but it also overlaps with leading a generally healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Taking Care of Fertility at a Young Age

  • Become educated about female sexual and fertility health.

A recent study from the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing revealed that young women between the ages of 18 and 24 who were knowledgeable about fertility were more likely to practice better fertility self-care. These women were also less likely to report symptoms of fertility health problems.

  • Keep track of your menstrual cycles.

Although periods can be recorded by marking the dates in a simple analog calendar, women can really up their tracking game by using one of the countless mobile apps that are available. These apps can be used to monitor cycles, keep track of symptoms, record blood flow, and analyze individual patterns. They can provide a clear window into your sexual health and help you quickly recognize any irregularities.

  • Consider undergoing fertility testing.

Today, fertility testing is more accessible than ever before – there are even fertility testing kits that can be used at home. However, for a full panel of diagnostics, it’s best to see a specialist in person. Testing your fertility when you’re younger gives you the chance to address any underlying issues you may have. By tackling these issues early on, you will have a greater chance of conceiving at a later time.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For most young women, the most effective way to care for their fertility health is to simply take care of themselves. This means following a nutrient-rich diet, maintaining a healthy BMI, taking multivitamins, engaging in regular physical activity, limiting caffeine, moderating alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking.

Speaking of smoking, that also includes vaping. In a recent study published by the Endocrine Society, researchers found that e-cigarette usage had a significant impact on fertility in mice.

  • Be vigilant about preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can inflict permanent damage on reproductive organs. Limit your exposure to these infections by always practicing safe sex and using protection properly. You should also consider getting tested for STDs regularly, especially if you are sexually active with multiple partners.

The Next Step
Even if you’re not ready to start a family, it’s never too early to be proactive about your fertility health. To learn more, contact us and make an appointment with Fertility Solutions today.

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