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Is Something Holding You Back from Pursuing Fertility Care?

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility consultation, Fertility testing, Fertility treatment, Fertility Education Seminar January 15, 2019

Maybe you’ve been trying to conceive for six months to a year with no success, or you’ve experienced two or more consecutive miscarriages (recurrent) and are unsure about trying again, or you’ve been told by your gynecologist to consult with a fertility specialist but have yet to make an appointment in any of these cases.

For those who are aware of the need to seek a fertility consultation but have yet to schedule an appointment, what is it that holds you back?

Getting started doesn’t have to be challenging
At Fertility Solutions, we’re not here to push anyone into a single appointment or even phone call that they’re not ready for. Final decisions on treatment plans belong to patients. This being said, we do know that it can be hard to fill out that first online contact form or make the first phone call. Part of scheduling a fertility consult is acknowledging that you need help conceiving, something many patients never expected to have to deal with on the road to parenthood. It also means introducing yourselves to the world of fertility testing and treatment, a community you may not have been at all familiar with previously.

How Fertility Solutions makes it easy to get started:

  • We offer free Fertility Education Seminars so that current and prospective patients alike can learn about our treatment services and costs, and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to one of our fertility specialists in person.
  • We have seven New England locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island that patients can visit.
  • We offer more one-on-one time with your physician than standard fertility clinics do, including receiving test results from your physician directly.

What does a fertility consultation entail?
The details of what happens during a fertility consultation can vary from patient to patient. However, generally, you can expect to have a discussion with your fertility specialist about:

  • The personal medical history of you and your partner
  • The medical history of your family and that of your partner’s family
  • Details about your experience trying to conceive naturally, including how long you’ve tried so far
  • Any questions you may have about testing/treatment
  • Plans for testing and next steps

How can I schedule a consult with Fertility Solutions?
It’s easy to schedule a consultation with our clinic. All you need to do is contact our team to request the day/time that works best for your schedule during our normal business hours across seven locations. You can do so by calling 781-326-2451 or filling out an online contact form. If you’d like to speak with someone today, we do recommend calling directly.

One thing to note: We also recommend that patients confirm their insurance coverage for their own peace of mind. Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have laws mandating coverage for advanced infertility testing and treatment, but we still advise speaking with the provider ahead of treatment to confirm.

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