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Massachusetts State Advocacy Day 2014

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged infertility insurance, Infertility support, Massachusetts Mandate, RESOLVE, State Advocacy Day June 26, 2014

On June 11th, Fertility Solutions’ (link/specialists/pei-li-huang-md text:Dr. Pei-Li Huang) and our Marketing Coordinator Maryanne Gaffney attended RESOLVE’s State Advocacy Day at the State House in Boston. State Advocacy Day is an important event for the fertility community, this includes fertility specialists as well as their patients. According to RESOLVE, patients should attend their state’s advocacy day if:

  • You want to educate your elected officials about the disease of infertility.

  • You are dealing with infertility and want to feel a sense of control.

  • You have a loved one touched by infertility and want to show your support.

  • You want more public understanding about the disease of infertility.

    Dr. Huang and Maryanne represented the only IVF clinic to both attend and sponsor the event. They also met with State Representative Paul McMurtry and Norfolk County State Senator Mike Rush with whom they spent time with touring the event around the State House and later invited to visit the Fertility Solutions facility this coming fall. We hope to see both Representative McMurtry and Senator Rush soon.

Fertility Solutions encourages patients to write to their elected leaders regarding infertility coverage. It's important to get the word out!

Rep. Paul McMurtry: paulmcmurtry.org

Senator Mike Rush: senatorrush.com

We have provided a few photos of the State Advocacy Day event below:

In addition to time spent at Massachusetts State Advocacy day, Fertility Solutions’ Dr. Pei-Li Huang also recently helped to secure Unanimous Approval of Resolution Supporting Massachusetts Mandate for Infertility Insurance Coverage. ****

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