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My Journey With Infertility Has Had Many Curve-balls, A Patient Testimonial

Posted in Fertility Solutions, General | Tagged Dr. Huang, infertility, Patient Testimonials, PCOS December 23, 2013
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My journey with infertility has had many curve-balls - many lows, some highs. Infertility is without a doubt one of the most emotionally, and physically draining experiences I have ever endured. My husband and I tried for years on our own. I tried every herbal supplement, diet plan and old wives tale. After all of this, I finally admitted it was time to seek help of a professional.

I found Fertility Solutions on a Google search and added them to my list of places to call. Every place I called seemed okay, but Fertility Solutions stood out because the individual who answered the phone was so warm, welcoming and helpful - which was exactly what I needed. I’m so glad I chose them. During my entire time with Fertility Solutions, everyone there made me feel like I was the only patient – starting with the amazing nurses who are available to answer the millions of questions I had. They spent countless time on the phone walking me through administering my medications, and the doctors knew how to talk to me and make sure I knew exactly what was happening at all times. The financial advisors were also terrific; they went to bat for me when I needed it.

I came to Fertility Solutions with PCOS, and Dr. Huang, who has seen plenty of my tears, was able to stop them and assure me that we could make our goal a reality. I tried keeping a positive attitude along the way, even though there were some bumps in the road. However, less than a year after I first stepped into the Fertility Solutions’ office, I'm elated to say that we are 9 weeks pregnant. This is a dream I've always had, and I owe it all to the amazing crew at Fertility Solutions. My only regret is that it took me so long to finally go see them, because it didn't have to be as hard as it was trying to get there on my own.

Of course, the end goal was to get to the point where I didn't need any more help, but one of the hardest things was to walk away from this practice because they are just that great, and we are going to miss them. I wish they delivered babies, but then if they did I would probably wish they provided daycare as well! It's pretty clear that I highly recommend Fertility Solutions; especially to fellow women who are in the same situation I was.

I offer the best of luck to every woman on the same journey and endless thanks to some of our favorite people.



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